Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is here

Christmas is right around the corner. I'm not done all of the Christmas crafts I had set out to do but I'm going to try and finish up as much as I can before Dec 25th. Its a good thing I started out early or else I wouldn't have anything done.

Hubby and I did setup our Christmas tree. We actually had to run out and buy a new one because the top portion of last years tree wouldn't light up. Luckily Target had one that fit the house and all of the lights are on! My sister, JennyC introduced me to Picnik and I used it to make my photo look like a scene from my childhood. I love it. By the way, that is a real fire in the fireplace. Hubby and I sat by the fire and listened to Christmas music, another moment to celebrate our first year in our new house and a wonderful night to remember going into our second year of marriage.

I had my nieces over one weekend and they helped me make the mantel. I got the idea from a catalog that was selling pre-cut felt mittens with additional pieces to help you personalize them. Not only was the price outrageous but I thought how can you really personalize them when they give you everything. Setting about to make it unique, I went to Michael's craft store and purchase two bell cookie cutters. They were out of mittens. Then the girls and I traced the bells in construction paper, cut them out and gave each a unique design and personalized each with a family members name.

Hubby even got involved in the action and made my dad a hula bell. The girls enjoyed all of the fun and now I have a piece of Family history in my collection of Christmas decorations.

PS Still no pictures from our dinner but at least I remembered to take and post these pics. :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

I forgot

I forgot to take pictures of my crafs! Although I did remember to bring my mom and Jenny C along with BB and hubby, her manny to keep her occupied, so that we could sew upstairs. I'm very proud to say I have successfully completed by six (6) cosmetic bags for my nieces for Christmas. What do you think?

I am now at work on a different tote that Jenny and Mom helped me figure out. I can never read those directions. I'm sure if I didn't rush through it they would be understandable, but I can't seem to stop and take a moment. Luckily for me, Jenny cut the fabric, mom read the directions and now I can do it all by myself. Hopefully.

I'm telling you this is the beginning of a beautiful bag. Now I'll celebrate with pie and tea, again courtesy of lovely hubby.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Crafts are still on

I'm still crafting christmas gifts and they are getting pretty good if I do say so myself. I'll post pictures of them as soon as I can. I've made another grocery tote and my latest venture is little bags with a zipper!!!

I can do a zipper, can you believe it! I'm so proud of myself. I've made two, wow two, and if you would have asked me this time last year if I could make a bag I would have said absolutely no. What a difference a year makes. This month marks another great event. This December hubby and I are celebrating our first year in our new house. YEA!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simple Sewing

Lotta Jansdotter is just wonderful.

I bought her newest book this week and I can't wait to get crafting with it. Hubby took me to Jo-Ann's over the weekend and even though I didn't find the unique fabrics Lotta features, I believe she screen prints most of them, I did get some fabulous finds.

I have ideas on gifts for the family and am hoping to use this book to make them come alive. I'm so excited!!!!!

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out this book I strongly suggest you hurry to Barnes and Noble or Borders and take a look.

Now let me get to my singer so I can create some beautiful totes, placemats and even a table runner!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Gifts - Part 1

I'm always running behind getting things done for Christmas, and this year I'm sure will be no exception. I'm going to try and make a few select homemade gifts this year, since I have my sewing machine. Not only will it help me destress it will be unique. I like sewing. I never thought I would ever say that. I always thought it was too difficult but because of my sister and her desire to take a sewing class I now have found something fun. Corny I know but its true. Back to Christmas, yes I celebrate Christmas because I believe in Jesus, I've made a list. Who knows how many times I'll check it but so far I can cross of my Sister-in-law, Maria. Remember that fabric I posted a while back....we'll now its a beautiful bag!

So what do you think?

My niece actually informed me just this week that she would love to receive skirts for Christmas with "buddons" on them. I might just make her one also, so don't be surprised to see something "Buddon Fabulous" on the site soon. Hubby is taking me to Jo-Ann's tonight so hopefully the snow won't stick and I can get to creating something tonight.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm it...

I've been tagged by JennyC No-3, so I need to answer her questions....Here we go.

Where is your mobile phone? table
Where is your significant other? sofa
Your hair colour? brown
Your mother? cute
Your father? driven
Your favourite thing? reading
Your dream last night? short
Your dream goal? balance
The room you're in? dining
Your hobby? stuff
Your fear? unfinished
Where do you want to be in 6 years? ?
Where were you last night? working
What you're not? tall
One of your wish-list items? kitten
Where you grew up? 1820
The last thing you did? baby-sat
What are you wearing? jeans
Your TV? DVRing
Your pets? Sneaky
Your computer? swivels
Your mood? hopeful
Missing someone? no
Your car? wicked!

Something you're not wearing? glasses
Favourite shop? bookstore
Your summer? bugs
Love someone? definitely
Your favourite colour? blue
When is the last time you laughed? now
When is the last time you cried? Tuesday

All done! Frank its your turn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out of the office

On Monday, 11/3 I finally took a day off from work. I like work. It pays the bills but sometimes as they say absence makes the heart fonder. With that in mind, I requested the day off, advised my Boss twice I was going to be out and then I was out.

I got up early, because if I slept the day away how was I going to get everything accomplished. I signed onto the on-line system for work, printed a document and answered a couple of emails and I was on a roll! Hubby went to work and then here I was alone at home. All by myself and what to do. First thing, I ate. I'm always hungry in the morning besides breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I ate and then I decided I'd watch a movie, Mean Girls, with Lindsay Lohan. Its been staring at me from Netflix so I had to get it. So I settled down to watch a teen flick, eat till I was stuffed and relax instead of being at work answering the phone that doesn't stop ringing the emails that keep piling in and the in-box that seems to get bigger each day.

I forgot to mention I made myself a cup of General Foods International Coffee, the hazelnut brand. Hubby usually makes me this "coffee" in the morning but when I made it, it just wasn't as good. I called hubby on the phone at work, poor baby he had to go in and asked him "what gives?" I read the directions so what's up it doesn't taste as good as it usually does? Hubby kindly told me that he uses more spoonfuls of the mix, adds a spoonful of sugar, a healthy dollop of whipped cream and drizzles caramel on the top. Yeah I like his better.

So back to my movie, it wasn't bad. I actually did enjoy it but I doubt I could watch it again. It had its moments but most importantly I didn't think about work so it did its job. I caught up on my laundry, dusted and swept a bit. Did the dishes and plucked some chicken from the freezer to defrost for dinner. Then I had a distraction that derailed my day. Here it is...Dum, Da, Dum Dum.....

BB came over with my mom and totally wrecked my living room with tortilla chips all over it. We went for a walk just down the block a bit and BB kicked her way through ankle deep leaves. I forgot she was so short. She stayed for a while and then headed down with my mom to pick up her mom from work.

It was a welcome distraction and although I didn't get everything I had set out to accomplish at least I wasn't at work!

Now all I had to do was break out the vacuum cleaning and pick up all her tortilla chip mess. She's just like her mother......

Monday, October 27, 2008

He makes me smile

World, let me introduce you to Noah. Noah, here's the world. Isn't he adorable!
I made him with the help of a "Sew an Elephant" kit from SewingStars who has wonderful softie kits, but beware they sell out fast. Once I saw the kit; I had to have it. I headed over to the website to buy the kits almost every day and each time they were sold out.

Luckily for me, my sister was even more persistent and she even bought me a kit!!! My hubby comes from a
huge family, he’s the last of eight, so I plan on making an elephant and any other softie for the child that's usually born each year. Noah went to my newest nephew. I also made a pink version...

If you have ever visited Sewing Stars ("SS") and seen her pattern you'll be able to tell that mine is slightly off. Somehow I can't seem to make the arms right on my elephants so they always seem as if they are dancing to their own tune. Maybe they are playing the hokey pokey, who knows but at least they look like they are having fun. I couldn't find the same safety eyes that SS used but I did find slightly larger eyes. Not sure if I'm 100% sold on the bigger eye. I think they might look too big but hey she still looks cute and that's what counts. I thought about naming her but if I keep doing that then it will be harder for me to give them away. Good bye Daisy I'll miss you. Dang it she's got a name.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Wired

I'm wired. I can't sleep; I'm going to work tomorrow and all I can think about is the pile of work and loads of email I have to do. Honestly I did some work tonight late at night so I would feel better about tomorrow. Right now as I type, my cat is giving me dirty looks as if to say "Cut it out and go to bed." My husband is sleeping and I'm posting because I can't sleep. Hmmmmm. Now that I'm awake I recall the words of my not so bright cousin. We saw each other at my niece's birthday party, which incidentally my sister and I make a fantabulous cake for and he caught me texting on my work phone. He inquired about the phone and I said I was working. Yeah, I work a lot, I have a lot to do, I like it. Smart pants said...Is it worth it. And I said yes, but here I am unable to sleep. But then I get to thinking, I'm in my own bed. I can pay the bills for my own house. My cat is up to date on her shots (she's mad I mentioned the vet). I have food in the fridge. I have running water and the heat is on. So yeah, its worth it. I just need to remember to get to bed early and get my mind to stop thinking of work. I'll post later with some pics of some great things I've completed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't you just know it

So I've been having a tough time dealing with an issue. Can't go on-line with it but let's just say its breaking my heart. I'm trying to see it as a good light for the person it will affect but in the end its still upsetting. I haven't been able to sleep. Tossing and turning all night. Staying up and reading items on the Internet to see what's out there that relates to this situation, but no help. I can't get it off my mind.

Last night I turned to the Bible, which resides next to my bed, only I needed to blow off a layer of dust upon which was upon it before opening it. I opened it quite randomly. Dear Lord, show me something I demanded, because isn't that what a wayward Christian does, demand of God, when we haven't spoken to him in so long, asking for an answer right away. Yes, I'm an impatient Christian too, but God in his everlasting love didn't leave me alone. He showed me my answer whether I liked it or not.

As I can not share the problem I am overjoyed to show you the answer. After reading you'll understand my flippant response.

Jeremiah Chapter 42
Gedaliah's assassination was of course merely a last-gasp act of a destroyed kingdom, a nation that was brought down, by The Lord, because they were corrupt before Him. It need not have happened, if they had listened to The Lord's warnings. When it was too late however, the people "42:2 said unto Jeremiah the prophet, Let, we beseech thee, our supplication be accepted before thee, and pray for us unto the LORD thy God, even for all this remnant; for we are left but a few of many, as thine eyes do behold us: 42:3 That the LORD thy God may show us the way wherein we may walk, and the thing that we may do" (Jeremiah 42:2-3 KJV).

The Lord's response was what it had always been, deliverance if they truly obeyed Him, destruction of they didn't. The Lord told them to remain where they were, but some of the people instead chose to disobey by fleeing to Egypt.

So I need to stay where I am and do his work whether I like it or not.

Thank you, God.

Honestly, thank you for your wise words, but tonight can you show me something that says....everything will be better tomorrow.

(Yes, I know another demand by the wayward and impatient Christian, but what can I say I always try to tell the truth and you can't lie to God.)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sewing Craze

My sister, JennyC revived one of our mother's favorite pastimes with a fury. SEWING! It all started with my baby sister decided to make a stuffed animal by hand for her Baby Bear. Later she decided to make her BB a dress, mostly because she found a sensational koi fish material. We decided to do a family project every so often, baby sister even made a calendar to tell everyone what was due. She likes calendars. We made a cat, pointy kitty actually, and a crocodile. So about five animals we were bit with the sewing buzz, all by hand up until this point. So Baby Sister decides to enroll my mommy and I along with her into a sewing class at Spool. At first I was a bit scared I mean who sews now a days. Most importantly, I didn't want to sew my finger and especially since she enrolled us in a class I didn't want to sew my finger in front of virtual unknowns. I'm glad I did go and tada I made a bag!!!! A big grocery bag that I can take me with shopping or have it filled with all kinds of good stuff, like sewing materials.

Here's the bag!!!! Isn't she cute. Pay no attention to the table, I forgot to clean it in my haste.

The grocery bag is actually reversible, or it will be once I erase the markings I made on the wrong side. Newbie mistake! Spool was great, I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try their hand at sewing.

I already have a couple of new projects lined up. My next project is a lunch bag, which I fell in love with in Sister's book. Jen's already done her bag but I need to finish it. Another Newbie mistake. Hey I plan on keeping this Newbie excuse for at least a year until I figure all of these sewing terms. For example, don't stitch the top. Who knew!

See the bag is ready to go except I sewed it a bit wrong. The insulation is at the top instead of the bottom. The way I have this lunch bag it won't keep anything cold. Since that's its purpose its time to pull out the red removing stitch do-hickey and start over. My mom helped me. :) I might need more help too since I bought some lovely fabric from Jo-Ann's that I can't wait to use.

First I need to finish the bag, then its a softie pattern!!!!! Look out world here I come with my Singer 7442!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mom's Birthday

On August 30th, Mom celebrated her ## birthday. We don't keep track of age because with Mom age is just a number. It defines how many years she's lived but it does not keep track of the age of her spirit. Mom will always be a young girl, cracking up at all types of jokes and hanging out with her kids, from all ages that is. See how happy she is with Baby Bear and Abrakadabra.

Cheeky kids aren't they all.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


My sis, JennyC-No.3 and I have been baking and decorating cakes and cookies for so many years now and we've made the move to officially start our own business!!! Sweet Symphonies. I'll have a better intro for our business soon and especially a link to our website very soon. The website is under construction as I'm trying to add as many fabulous pictures of our creations, which brings me to my post today. Reminicing. Once upon a time sister and I were the Bells of the baby shower. We had people calling us from everywhere to create a baby cake for them. Of all the cakes we created, this baby remains my favorite.
Isn't he just delicious. The mom-to-be had pooh themed shower. Our client, her lovely sister wanted a cute baby cake but future mommy was hoping for a pooh bear. Sister and I put our heads together and cake up with Little Mr. Cutie above, a baby dressed up as "Pooh Bear." Our design left everyone overjoyed and they loved his cute little saying "A Honey of a Baby." Not only are we cake designers, somethings we are problem solvers. We had so much fun making him and we can't wait for future babies, cakes that is.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Would you like to try something truly scrumptious? Wouldn't you like to try a delectable piece of apple pie at the office but would rather not have the huge mess or the calories? Then look no further and grab a box of these delicious fruit crisps. My mother gave me a sample of one of these delightful treats and hubby and I love them!!!
To look at them one would think, only 100 calories, can't be good and that certain someone would be wrong. Should you run into one of these so called disbelievers, snatch the crisps from them and gobble them yourself. They don't deserve them. I've only tried the Apple fruit crisps but I hear there is also Berry, which may prove to be elusive as I've yet to locate them. Hubby and I have just opened the box and I'm already placing it on our grocery list. If there was only one left I would feel compelled to hide it from Hubby. Sad but true; to keep myself on the straight and narrow I need to buy more.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Twilight Saga bit me too

I love reading. Especially if I'm lucky to find a good book, I devour it in less than a day, provided I have little interruptions like work. Some books I'll find by accident, just stumbling across it in either the library or the book store. Other times it will be from word of mouth. This time I fell for the hype. Yes, I was bitten (pun intended) by the Twilight Saga book. Luckily, I only had just heard about them so I didn't have to wait years for them to come out. Rather, it was the comparison to Harry Potter, which is one of my favorites, that drew me to read Stephen Meyer's work.

Twilight, the first book, was a wonderful read. A great escape into her idea of the world of the vampire. The characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were definitely intriguing. After reading up on the author I found out why. Stephen Meyers had included elements of Pride and Prejudice, my all time favorite book. Meyers stated in an interview on ( that she loosely based her characters, Bella and Edward on Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. There are definite elements in each of Meyer's characters that bear similarities to the classic and beloved characters of Austen. For this reason only I was hooked. I needed to know what happened to the characters. I need to see if Bella would indeed become a vampire and if Edward ever slept (in the book vampires don't need to sleep :)).


I read Twilight and it was a good read. Not as good as Harry Potter, but on its on level very good. I will definitely keep it in my collection and read it again from time to time. After Twilight I read the next, New Moon which expanded on Jacob's character. A good read as well but I was slightly disappointed in Bella. In Twilight, she was an independent girl, good at school and good alone. When Edward left her, she shrunk into herself, doing odd things just to hear his voice in her head. First love, true love doesn't necessarily mean obsession but that is what became of dear Bella. She lost her gumption. She was no longer Elizabeth Bennet in modern times but just Bella a teenager who had lost love. I could sympathize with her to an extent but it was a bit difficult to like her as much as I had in the first book. With Eclipse, further expansion on the characters came about and of them all I liked Jacob. Read it and you'll see. Bella gained some gumption back but never enough to satisfy the first book. The most interesting part of the entire book was Edward's marriage proposal to Bella. He would only make her a vampire if she married him. How sweet. No really very sweet. So why am I reading this if Bella was disappointing, I needed to know if she became a vampire. I won't spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it, I realize its just out and I'd like to abide by Stephenie's wishes not to reveal anything so that they can experience it themselves. I will say this though, I liked Bella more at the end of the book, not as much as in Twilight but she came alive for me at the end, yet again pun intended. There were some hokey ideas that I could have done without but I'm glad I read it. I'm glad I found out what happened to Bella. Will I keep all of the books...nope..I'll just keep Twilight.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mommy's Card

I know I have made promises to myself to craft and do something fun and although I haven’t kept up with the blog don’t worry I have been keeping up with doing something "good" each day. Honestly. I'm not just sitting around doing nothing, I’ve been making progress in my house, ripping out rugs and getting things organized which is a definite plus. Such good progress in fact that I was able to make a card for my mommy even though her birthday isn't until the end of the month!!!!! I thought my mom would definitely get a kick out of the vellum page quote "It's hard to raise a family especially in the morning." I mean wouldn't she know best. :)
The flowers were cut from paper I had left over from a layout and the ribbon was chosen to match her scrapbook page which featured her and her fave, Kermie, eyelets were punched into the vellum to secure it to the card and viola' we have a homemade card especially for Mom. One craft down and more lovely possibilities ahead.
I'm finding it easier to make cards then to make scrapbook pages and I've figured out why, my scrapbook page will live forever in my album whereas my card is given away and poof there goes my memory of it, but the page will live on in my home so if I don't get it right I'll agonize over it forever. Anyone else out there feel my pain or am I in this predicament alone?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barney's Back

Recently my Sister and I worked on a fabulous Playstation 3 cake which turned out awesome. I mean we pleased a bunch of teenage boys, you know how hard that can be. Kids of all ages love cake, take for instance my niece "K," her latest love is Barney and for her birthday Sister and I make a Barney cake especially for her. "K" loved it and so did the other kids. At cake cutting time, her brother "J" (who incidentally can't wait to start school to get away from her, he claims she's bossy, well what little girl isn't, good for her) shouted, "cut off his head' maybe he's had enough of her shows too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time to start getting creative

In an effort to save my sanity from 24/7 work, I'm taking a page from my crazy sister's book :) and starting a blog about creative things, be it food, cards, painting, anything. Seriously anything to take me away from work. I spend most of my time there and while I'm grateful it gives me a roof over my head I'd like to get away so I don't turn into an ogre and take things out on my wonderful husband and psycho cat, I mean she has enough on her plate already. So without further ado here is my first attempt, the first of many I hope.....

Here is my communion girl lollipop that I made, actually I made quite a few for my niece, Jewel's Communion. It was a hectic week with work, there's that darn W word again, that it didn't allow time for me and Mei-Mei (my sister) to get together and create a fabulous foodie creation, we were going for cupcakes, but there just wasn't any I stole an hr here and and hr there and tada.....lollipops that thrilled the parents, impressed the niece and were eaten in minutes by the children. Here's to creative times again!!!!