Monday, September 28, 2009

A trip to my second home.....the bookstore and a plea

So I have a test coming up.  Yes the eternal student that I am well I'm enrolled in a new class.  This one will give me a designation to me apart from my peers.  In other words, it is a hard class that not many have taken.  I'm hoping to pass so that I can advance my career.  Wish me luck.  First test I did really well, this test though I'm a little worried.  Could it be that I'm blogging instead of studying.  Yes, most likely but I needed a break, my brain is fried.....but enough of that let me tell you about one of the most recently, and one of the only lunch trips I had this week.

Lunch for me is a sad affair.  I used to go to lunch with two complete goof balls and I loved every minute of it, but alas for reasons I can't print on-line :) they have moved on and out of the city limits and I am now on my own for lunch.  Don't feel bad for me, I could easily call up a friend or even walk to sister's job to get some much needed exercise and have fun but I'm not yet up to having lunch with anyone just yet.  Its hard to replace two goofballs. :)

So let me tell you about my trip into....Borders!!!  Oh....Ah....yes the land of books, my 2nd home.  I actually started to walk there to study but my last foray into studying in the public caused me to encounter a weirdo who asked what I was studying.  He promptly freaked me out and I left before I was able to divulge the secrets of the "selection" process.  So no more studying in public, its best to stay on one's feet while you are in the city so you can't be cornered.  Anywho back to the books, the lovely books, ah just the smell of the bookstore puts me in a good mood. Please pardon if my images are shaky as they were taken with my cell phone camera, plus I was so excited to be out I kept jumping around the store like a crazy person.

First up, a great gift for my SIL (sister-in-law).  I think she'd love this now that Miss A and Little Miss A are now both in school.  This would definitely help her get the girls and the family ready for the school year.

Right around the corner I found a great gift for the holidays for all the lovely ladies in my family and maybe even for myself.  Isn't it cute.

I got to thinking though soon the babies would be in school and I could buy this for Sister and SIL, but that would just make them cry....maybe I'll still get it. :)

After a while I headed over to the children section and saw this great find for my niece Miss A.

I think she'd love it, but I just have to wait to get it around Christmas time so she'll have time to devote herself to her new class.  Wow 4th grade already.

As I looked down from this book, I noticed this new book....

I had never read it before and just couldn't help myself from having a seat and losing myself in the world of Where the Wild Things Are.....I loved it and plan on adding it to my collection one day soon.  I didn't stop there though, I moved along and found this gem and read along.

Its even better in Spanish, another one I'll need to add to my collection.  Slightly over to the left I noticed this cuite....

Harry Poter en espanol, no puedes ser.  One day soon maybe I'll add this one too to my collection. What better way to brush up on your Spanish than by reading something enjoyable.  The lunch hour was drawing to a close and before I made my way out something else caught my eye....

Another book by Kate DiCamillo.....Do you remember Desperaux?  I spoke of him before you must remember him.  Well dear Reader its Kate, the author of Desperaux, with a new book.  The new story is about a little china rabbit who is wonderfully taken care of by his owner until one day he's lost.

LOST!?!?  Why is he lost, what's happen to him, how could his owner not know he was gone.  Poor Edward.  It took every ounce of strength that I had to leave the store and not sit down at that very moment to discover Edward's journey, but here I am thinking of Edward Tulane again.  I should be studying but I still can't help but wonder how did it happen and how does Edward become reunited with his owner.

If anyone out there is reading this (hint....sister) you know my birthday is coming up and I never ask for anything, except for the garland that you made the other day, maybe the chocolate or candy or cookies you have in your purse for BB, or to borrow a movie, or to borrow your madeline pan which I haven't given back yet...besides those things you know I don't ask for much, but this time its a matter of sanity.  Would you please consider buying this book for me for my birthday.  I promise I won't ask for another thing, until she writes another book or I find something that is equally interesting in the future.  If you do I would be such a happy girl, remember how happy I was when you bought me Desperaux....well you could make that happen again and be the greatest sister in the whole wide world.  No pressure. No pressure at all.

Okay, back to studying, but I can't help but think of a little china rabbit........hmmm I wonder what happened to Edward Tulane...

Friday, September 11, 2009

busy times = happy times

Little A, my youngest niece on my side of the family turned 2 last month!  If the baby is getting older that means the whole family is getting older.  Notice Reader how I include everyone, and not just mention myself. Back to my niece, she is just the most lovable child you will ever meet.  She will always greet you with a smile and is extremely compassionate towards everyone; all this at the tender age of 2.  For her birthday I made her an elephant.  Yes I know reader I have a thing for elephants but this was to be different.  This was to be my first purple elephant.  Patty came out just as cute as can be.  Ah Dang it, I named another one.  Well I let Patty know it was time to go to her new home and she was definitely excited.

You see Patty didn't care all that much for Kitty but dear Kitty found Patty to be soft and cuddly, the perfect pillow to lie upon.  Patty decided Kitty's love was a bit too much and couldn't wait to be cuddled by Little Miss A.  I can't blame Patty, at times Kitty can be a bit overzealous and I know Patty will be just fine in her new home.

Mommy also celebrated her birthday.  It was grand affair as we celebrated with dinner and desserts at my house.  I'm happy to report the kids devoured their meals.  They never knew they were eating healthy as I used whole wheat flour for the chicken tenders and baked the french fries.  HA!   Come cake time we went all out! Hubby made two types of homemade ice cream, Hazelnut and Mint Chocolate Chip just for the occassion.  The kids loved it and when I told them it was homemade everyone was surprised!

With all the birthday fun I was still able to find time to complete another successful swap.  I participated in a fun coin purse swap and I created a fun little purse for my partner.  

Based on her profile she liked giraffees and monkeys and I found this cute print.  It is a bit larger than a true coin purse but I decided fun things might just be a bit bigger and will need storage space.  I enclosed a Quarter since its a coin purse and some new types of tea for her to try.  I really hope she likes it.  I'm thinking of making one for myself.  Just a little fun purse to pull out of my bag during a tough day at work and smile when I've found my hidden gems.   I'm sure we could all use such a bag.

Before I close, I wanted to share a picture of Little Miss Middle A.  She is heading to kindergarten next week where she'll learn to read and write her ABCs.  I'm so excited for her and I hope she has a wonderful first day just like her big sister did!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Le Sigh

I'm at work, but I'd rather be home..... 
I'd rather be home sewing a coin purse for my swap partner. 
I'd rather be home baking cookies for my hubby and family.
I'd rather be home watching my favorite movies, this time I'd pop in Labrynth. 
I'd rather be home doing the laundry.  I need clean clothes really bad.
I'd rather be home organizing my sewing room.
I'd rather be home sitting in my kitchen having a cup a tea.
I'd rather be home getting my calendar of events ready, plotting out studying and craft time.
I'd rather be home than at work.

Wouldn't you rather be any place other than work?

P.S. Title name of this post was courtesy of one of my sister's emails to me.  Give credit where credit is due I say. :)