Friday, March 8, 2013

Longwood Gardens

We trekked to Longwood Gardens for the first time with V-dub to see the Chrysanthemum  Festival back in the Fall of 2012 and had a fantastic time.  This trip definitely taught me a valuable Mommy lesson for the future.  

The Chrysanthemum displays were spectacular.  The talent and especially the patience it took to grow and nurture a plant to bloom 100 bulbs or more is astounding.  

Can you believe all of these beautiful flowers are from one plant!  

V-dub loved running around and the employees and volunteers of Longwood Garden's didn't mind one bit.  A couple of them even smiled at him and laughed along when he was cracking up as we told him the names of the plants. Apparently Plant talk is funny. Thank you Lord!  

Longwood Garden's has a children's garden both indoors and outside which was a pleasant surprise.  The indoor garden contained the most elaborate water features to V-dub's delight and he proceeded to soaked himself thoroughly while having a blast. Luckily I follow the advice of two great women, thanks mom and sis, and pack a second set of clothes for emergencies.  This was definitely an emergency.  STAT!!!  We had to dry him before he caught a chill so we could head outside to brave the elements to see the main reason for the trip, the train setup.  

Okay to be honest, we didn't go for the Chrysanthemum Festival, that was just a treat.  What we really went for was the Choo!  A train set featuring Thomas the Tank Engine was to be featured outside near the outdoor children's garden.  Notice I wrote "was to be featured," now here comes the lesson dear Reader...for the future to avoid any unpleasantries, CALL BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT TO THE LOCATION/EVENT TO CONFIRM A SPECIAL DISPLAY IS STILL UP!!!!
Remember when I said I wish I had the patience it must take to grow and nurture a plant to bloom 100 bulbs...luckily for me both my son and mi esposo have a lot of patience with me.  Unbeknownst to me, as I never called ahead, the train setup that was outside, (this  visit to Longwood Gardens occurred very soon after Stormy Sandy, yes that long ago), that unfortunately they hadn't re-set the trains, so in other words there was a bridge, a huge structure, but no trains, not a one!  

You can't put anything past V-dub so once he saw the inkling of a bridge, he knew without a doubt there should have been a choo and when that choo didn't surface everyone within a one mile radius must have heard his displeasure. "Oh no...where da choo go!"  

It isn't hard to see the look of disappointment on this cute face.


We did have a stroke of luck later as we wandered into the right place at the right time as V-dub was entertained by a water display and most likely forgave his mother for her infraction of the day. 

Knowing how lucky I was that my son was patient and didn't have a freak out because the choo wasn't setup nor did mi esposo hold it over my head, I vowed to take them back.  I know dramatic much, but I needed to rectify the situation.  

I planned our next trip thoughtfully.  Mi esposo and I decided to head back on a week day to avoid the crowds and I called ahead to be sure the Choo display with up. SUCCESS ALL AROUND!!!!  

V-dub couldn't believe it when not only Thomas pulled up in front of him but James too! 

I love the look of surprise on his face! Definitely priceless.

Here is Percy on his way with a Special Delivery.

But wait who is coming around the track....its Thomas!

Thomas was super fast heading around the track, and we kept telling V-dub, he has to be fast, remember there can't be any delay on Sir Topamhat's railway. Yes, we are into the show too.  So much so that mi esposo kept instructing other children on the proper name of the trains when said children were calling them by their incorrect name. HA!  

V-dub had a ball, evidenced by the fact that we stayed at the exhibit for about 20+ minutes in the cold.  He would have stayed longer but I was knocked down by this the child in the fireman's hat below. Even thought that kid hit me hard (what are his parents feeding him, I mean I was down on my butt when he knocked into me), I got up dusted myself off, trying to maintain my "put together mom appearance" and continued on because all that mattered was that V-dub was no longer disappointed and he had seen his beloved Choo!