Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I can hardly believe my last post was in November 2013.  Unbelievable. 

Since then, I've been spending time with my boys, of course we celebrated the holidays with family and had a blast. 

I've worked on some great new Quilt designs like the below for my newest nephew, Logan.  There is a general love for the Phillies and all things sports so I created a fitting quilt using red, blue and Phillies fabric for our newest cutie. 


The stitching is my favorite part!  I hope Logan enjoys it for many years to come. 

This little man of mine has grown even bigger.....

Here is his Christmas picture.  Please take notice of the frosting on his nose.  He was "helping" me make cupcakes.  Interestingly enough, he told me that somehow a cupcake left or should I say walked away before we were done decorating them all.  When I asked him how it walked  away he said it just did and promptly left the kitchen. 

I didn't yell at him. I couldn't.  Come on look at the cute face, but I have learned my lesson, don't leave cupcakes close enough to him so that they can "walk away" again.