Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm back!

Beware this is a long, long post....

It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post.  Needless to say, I've been busy you ask.  Well mi esposo and I started off the year making my family dinner on New Years. 

Mi esposo and I cooked up our very first turkey and it was delicious. Everyone loved it and even BB asked for seconds and thirds (of "chicken" silly girl we made a turkey!).  I would love to say we had a strategy for cooking this delicious bird, but to be honest towards the end we, no pun intended, winged it. :)  We threw in carrots, celery, onion, salt and pepper and a secret weapon, oranges.  We squeezed the oranges onto the turkey and cut up slices and threw them inside the bird.  The bird took longer to make then we anticpated but lucky for us we had made appetizers, a lovely spread of cheese (lactose free), crackers, pepperoni and grapes and a shrimp ring to keep the masses at bay while we waited for the temperature doodad to pop and tell us the bird was done.  Less than a half hour after everyone arrived, the doodad popped and we all feasted.  We prayed, ate, laughed and have a good time.  It was a wonderful way to spend the first day of the New Year.

Oh and we even had these....

Nope they aren't pancakes, contrary to popular opinion, they are large sugar cookies that melt in your mouth.  So good!!!! I need to make them again but only when we have family over or I'll eat the whole batch myself.

After our dinner, I devoted myself to studying for the HRIC Professional in Human Resources Exam.  I went to work and then once home I studied for this test.  I neglected the care of my house (poor dusty house), I neglected to feed my husband (poor husband, and thank God he can feed us both), I neglected to play with Sox (sorry kitty) and I didn't see my family either (sorry family) but I needed to pass this test.  I needed this so badly, I needed to open up a world of opportunity for my career.

So this past weekend I took off two days from work, Friday to extend my weekend and study and then Monday to take the test.  All weekend I studied, I missed my niece's and nephew's party (sorry kids) so that I could cover all the topics I couldn't remember. 

First, I started a fire in the fireplace.....

which forced me to stay in one room surrounded by my books to study. As I studied my family called to check on me (missed you guys), my husband feed me (thank you darling) and someone else kept me company, someone I least expected to be with me during this stressful time.

After a while I noticed this was none other than Madam Sox on the rug.  I immediately thought, yes its cold outside so just stay there and keep yourself warm.  Later I had a funny feeling of being watched. 

Yup she had moved from the rug but had stayed in the living room with me as if to say, "I'm still here so keep your nose in the book because I'm watching."   I smiled when I thought I had my own cheering crowd right at home, so I continued studying and then yet again felt the odd feeling of being watched.  Yup it was by none other than Madam Sox.  This time she was again on the rug but instead of warming herself she was stretching and just relaxing.  If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I think I want to come back as a cat, she has the life! 

I resumed studying and hit some pretty boring material.  I tried, I really did and poured over ever page until something happened.  I felt something touching my face.....

I had fallen asleep on the sofa and Madam had jumped on my coffee table and had woken me up from my nap as if to say "Hey, wake up, you aren't done! Let's get a move on it."  So I was up, I finished the chapters, I tried to take in everything I could and cram everything into my brain, all of the terms, laws, and concepts.  The next day I awoke bright and early and headed off to the testing center.

I arrived early, checked in and after waiting almost a half hour began my test.  The testing center was extremely strict and would not allow you to bring in a watch or even a snack into the testing room.  No snack!!! How would I ever manage without a little something to quiet my stomach.  I was resigned to stay famished for the entire test.  Four hours were provided to take the test and I intended to use up every last minute.  I started the test, skipped the ones I didn't know, after reading the entire test I back tracked and took the missed questions again and three and a half hours later I was done.  Done!!!!!  After taking a survey my score was reported. 

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!  I can now add PHR to the end of my name, I have a desingation.  Goal achieved!!!!!

So how did I spend the beginning of the year, I accomplished my goal and now I'm back, back to my regular life and hopefully some new things in store for 2010.  I even found time to craft...see my new pillow cases.

Now I have some cute handmade pillow cases to rest my head on and try and figure out how to beat my addiction to my other friend I made during my study session.....


Thanks to my family, kitty and mi esposo for believing in me and cheering me on.  Thank you so much!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 is here!

Its here!!!!! 2010 has arrived but before its in full swing let me discuss everything I think I've learned from 2009.

In December I profited from using sister's BFF's Martha Stewart's awesome list that helped me get through the holidays. 

November taught me to place ribbons and the like in their proper places so that Sox won't be tempted to play with them thus leading mi esposo and I with hefty vet bills.

October brought a wonderful lesson home litterally, although trick or treaters did not come to my house my family would always play the part for me to fulfill my holiday needs. 

September reminded me why I liked school when I enrolled and later successfully passed the course and earning two certificates! 

August was a dream come true as mi esposo tooke me to a land I had only imagined as a child, the home of Anne of Green Gables.  I also learned I prefer driving at 110 mph versus 110 kph, those Canadians with their speed limits need to adjust it a bit especially on the open roads. :)

July showed me that bugs were still my enemy and that next year in Spring I will begin my hunt for the new belt buckle/clip to keep them away.  It better work!!!!

June bbq seasons is wonderful and the best time to have people over to my house since I've learned to keep the freezer stocked with hamburgers and hotdogs, a crowd pleaser for all ages.

May revealed another wonder of my home.  I hate doing the dishes.  I despise it actually.  In May thought I'll do them happily, not joyously but happily as I'm able to admire the view from my window, the beautiful tulips that grace my neighbor's lawn.

April introduced me to a new author, Kate DiCamillo.  I now have four books by the author that will remain in my collection forever!  Thank you sister. 

March I watched a remake of a childhood favorite movie.  I still prefer the original but the remake was a delight and you know what I never made the official swap with my sister but I think she has enjoyed some other pieces I made that ended up in her purse after all.

February my first ever niece turned nine, I couldn't believe it.  This year she's going to be ten.  Paramedics might need to be called to her party when it finally hits me that she'll be double digits.  I might faint.

January last year I was with mi esposo and his family visiting my father-in-law in the hospital after he suffered a major heart attack.  We thought we were going to lose him as it was pretty touch and go at times.  I'm so happy to say he recovered very well and is still around to bother his wife, my lovely mother-in-law today.

What a year it has been, and after writing the above I realize 2009 was the year of revisitng my childhood. 

Let's celebrate 2010 by geting a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato!  See you soon.