Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Delayed Post

There has been a dry spell on this blog lately, partly due to the festivities of the Holidays.  Preparing for them took a bit more out of me than I expected especially now that I am carrying a little boy who seems to be getting bigger and more eager to stretch out his little legs even though the belly he finds himself in is a getting a bit to small for his regular cartwheels. 
I went out early and picked up as many presents for my nieces and nephews and wrapped all ahead of schedule just to be sure I wouldn't miss any of them.  Luckily all worked out with the grace of God and mi esposo and I were able to gift each of our nieces and nephews with something special this year.  
I did get to fit in some crafting time and make journal covers for my nieces but I wrapped them so quickly that I forgot to take pictures of any of them so I'll have to make another one to keep on hand.  You never know when a birthday will pop up and I'll need that extra special gift.  Plus my mad dash to finish everything in time cause my reliable Singer to go down.  I never knew how much I loved that machine until the day she didn't want to work for me.  My sister came to the resume and fixed her up but she still requires a tuneup so next month I'm hoping to drop her off for a tuneup so she'll be all set to go when the baby arrives to make him some fabulous clothes and toys. 
The biggest preoccupation of course has been getting the house ready for Baby.  Baby's room will be sports with the colors of Red, White and Blue.  Mi esposo is going to paint the room beige with a blue trim, I'm hopefully going to make him curtains out of some great red material I found and then we are going to pack it full of furniture, clothes and toys to get it ready for him.
I did get a chance to make a couple of items for baby which I'll post later this week and maybe sometime today I'll carve out some time for a new banner.....hmmmm