Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabric on my mind.....

I can't work!  I keep thinking about all the lovely fabric at home in my craft room just waiting to become something new, a dress, a skirt, a grocery bag, a wallet, a portfolio, an apron, a lunch gab, a cosmetic bag....I could go on and on.

I've been trying to work today; I really have, but I've found myself heading to fabric sites instead.  I did order several gorgeous fabrics from  Head over if you can, as they have lovely cotton prints still available for $3.95.  Later I found myself wandering over to and found this beauty.

This would make a lovely skirt, don't you think, or a cute top or a fun bag.   I found myself trying to find a matching solid to make a complete outfit when I realized an hour had gone by and I hadn't done a thing at work and I was still consumed with getting out of the office to head home and sew and began to watch the clock, which when watched decides to move at the pace of a snail. 

Enough, I thought, enough stop torturing yourself, but no I continued and then did the most damage. I discovered Heather Ross' newest fabric line will be released this May.  May, I have to wait until May, NO, that will be forever, I can't believe it.  I am dying to get the Owl and the Pussycat material to make a bed for my cats, Sox & Ron.  All at once, my brain clicked and I realized its only three (counting today) days until May.  I think I can wait that long and until then I'll read Heather's latest creation again (I posted back in July 2009 about this darling book) which Heather autographed for me in person after demonstrating how to create the smocked dress in her book.  Yup you read right I met her and guess what she kept my pen. :)  I'd like to think its inspiring her to create new fabrics, who knows maybe the Owl and the Pussycat began from a drawing created with my very own pen. 

If you don't have this book, get it, and try out the trapeze dress which I'll attempt in muslin first of course and then I'll be using an Amy Butler fabric which I'll share soon.  Which reminds me I owe you a picture of my great big tote bag that I made from this book.....another to add to my to do list which I'm sure my sister will remind me to post the pic. 

Ah, just a couple more hours and I head home to my sewing machine....just a couple of hours......

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phanatic - To Infinity and Beyond

The other day I headed over to the library to get my grubby hands on the latest Jodi Piccoult book when I came upon this beauty at the steps of the Free Library of Philadelphia's Central Branch located at 19th & Vine Street.....

Another Phanatic

This time our dear Phanatic is off in search of the new planets and adventures in a galaxy far away.  I can't tell you what I loved the most about this Phanatic...could it have been the great orange-yellow suit?  How about the blue sneakers.

Nope, again its the tail! This time his tail is peaking out the back of his suit! 

I love it! Notice in the background, if you look closely, very closely and be sure its towards the top right you'll see the Franklin Institute, which is right around the corner from the Phanatic.

Do you remember a story when you were little about toys that came to life after everyone was gone.....we'll whose to say the Phanatic doesn't jump off of home plate late at night and head over to the Fels Planetarium Theater to take in Night Skies in the Observatory which takes please every second Thursday of each month in which the Franklin Institute stays open late (6 pm - 9 pm all months expect June & July when its 7 pm -10 pm) and 5 different telescopes are available for everyone to set their sights on celestial objects in the sky provided the conditions are just right, you could see the hottest planet in the Solar System......Venus!

As for me, I never did get my intended book, somehow I found myself in the Sci-Fi section and walked out with a time traveling book all due to my green friend.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A new addition to the family

Posting has been extremely sparse.....hello anyone out there.....yes I've been busy, very busy you see preparing my family for a new addition. 

Introducing.....Ronald Weasley.....

Ronald weighs about 1 lb 5 ounces but like his namesake can eat like there was no promise of tomorrow.  His doctor shouldn't be surprised when at his next visit in about two weeks he has doubled his weight. 

Kittens are extremely active, not just jumpy, Ron though is hyper, super, super hyper, the second night we had him home I was awakened by the sound of meowing in my ear.  Yes, Ron had climbed up the side of the bed and decided to sleep next to me.  How he climbed at 1 lb 5 ounces up 2 1/2 feet without any fear of falling I have no idea but I'm sure this is just a sign of things to come, I wonder if he'll try to climb up my curtains just to look out the window!

As for my baby, Sox, well at present she is denying his existence and should she be reminded of Ronald's presence she will either hiss, growl or turn her back on him.  I've read it may take a couple of months for her to tolerate him so hopefully come June she won't hiss, if not there's always Christmas.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Phanatic goes Starry Night!

Starry Night is one of the most well known paintings of Vincent van Gogh.  I'm not nor was I ever an Art History Major.  I can only draw stick figures successfully as my sister can attest to this fact so please keep this in mind as I explain my thoughts on van Gogh's Stary Night. 

This beatuiful painting reminds me of a story, not any story in particular, but one of protection.  You see I have always thought the large struture in the forefront was a representation for someone or something bad about to happen that would prey on the sleepy and charming town below but the large and foreboding struture seems to be fading, almost falling a bit as the swirling clouds, cresent moon and stars ablazed in their glory illuminate the night to fight off the evil thing and save the towns people. 

Who would have ever though that Philadelphia would have its own Phanatic van Gogh waiting for us to protect those that enter Rittenhouse Square to guarantee them a moment of peace away from their jobs. :) 

Notice the swirling clouds on his belly and arms which are derived from the van Gogh's original but take special care and inspect the stars afire on our Phanatic, they are none other than our Philadelphia Phillies! 

Starry Night - Profile

Mom I know you love the Phanatic in green but I must admit I'm completely in love with him sporting my favorite color, blue.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention I snapped a photo of his tail. 

I think Phanatic van Gogh is my favorite so far.  2 down, 18 to go.....

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Philly's Phanatic Around the Town - The beginning

This post is for my mom.

My mom loves Green, part of the reasoning for her loves could come from two famous celebrites....

Her Kermie

and the Philadelphia Phanatic.

This baseball season, Mom is in luck as the Philadelphia Phillies and Philly's tourisim group have launched a campaign called "Phanatic Around Town" in which 20 statues of the Phantaic, (each 6 feet tall, 100 lbs and custom painted by a local artist) have been scattered across the City of Philadelphia. 

This summer I plan on finding each of the Phanatic statues and taking pictures of them for her.  Who knows maybe I can convince her to go with me on a road trip with me and take her picture with a couple of the statues.  I'm sure she'll squeal with delight standing next to her man.
Okay Mom, are you ready for it....
Our first Phanatic is resplendit in Burgundy and Gold and is hanging out at the corner of 16th & Arch Streets at LOVE Park.

There are hearts in his eyes since he's such a love bug.

Even his tail is dusted in gold. 
Cute isn't he!  While he isn't Green I don't think my mom will mind.  I have a feeling she's going to love his new shade.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Vigil

Saturday I was able to witness and partake in an Easter Vigil ceremony in which 17 people became full faith members of the Catholic Church.  Of the 17 people who were inducted were my nephew and his father.  It’s been some time since I attended an Easter Vigil mass and I had forgotten the beauty of it and the opportunities it presents people of the Catholic faith.  It’s a chance be a witness to the beginning of the faith journey for new members of the church and a chance to renew one’s own faith. 

The Easter Vigil Mass is no ordinary mass and its beginning is remarkable.  You see the Church is shrouded in darkness, still and quiet which can be compared to the tomb of Jesus Christ as all was quiet upon his death.  The mass does not begin in the Church but rather at the foot of the Church’s steps where a bonfire is lit.  A prayer is said by the presiding priest who lights the Easter Candle, a symbol of Jesus our paschal lamb, using the flames of the bonfire.  The priest then takes the Easter Candle and using its flame lights another candle held by a follow of Jesus who in turns lights a candle held by another member of the Church, and so on and so on until finally all those gathered for the Easter Vigil receive the light of Christ.  A procession of lights begins as the priest enters the church holding the Easter Candle followed by the members of the Church holding their candles, the symbol of Jesus who is now illuminating the Church in his glory.  Several readings were read, the creation story, the story of the Israelites exiting from Egypt to the promise land and then after the readings the congregation was witness to the baptismal, communion and confirmation rights for all the members of the RICA.   

It was an amazing sight to behold and I was thrilled to be a part of it, to renew my faith and to encourage my nephew and his father to continue in their faith journey to know God’s love for them.

Here is my newphew, I warned him in advance that I was going to hug him hard, I was just so happy for him. I look like such a shrimp next to him.

And here is the happy family.

God bless You All and Congratuations!