Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a blast.  We ate at mi esposo's mom's house and we had the pleasure of seeing practically everyone from his side of the family in one day.  We brought over two huge helpings of Macaroni and Cheese and it was devoured within the three hours we were there.  The irony of it all, I am lactose intolerant but yet I can make an awesome batch of Mac & Cheese from scratch.  This time we threw Stewed tomatoes over it and everyone loved it.  Then we headed over to my family's house and ate all we could there, not to mention we took/stole a bunch of dinner rolls that my sister made from scratch that I promptly stored in our freezer for future consumption.  You could say that this year's theme was eating it all up.  

Oh and we even found a bunny on our lawn.....

Please take special note the lack of interest on the bunny to have his picture taken. 

Hope you had a lovely holiday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March, a spectacular month

March brought us some great moments!  

X-Men First Class (image courtesy of IMDB)

Mi esposo and I watched X-Men First Class while our little man took an unusually long nap.  Yes, I'm aware the movie came out last year so we're a bit behind in our rental queue.  

One afternoon mi esposo and I went out sans out little man and I was able to eat this concoction from Nathan's....

and we were able to see a movie....the Hunger Games.  

Photo Courtesy of
I read the Hunger Games trilogy sometime ago when the buzz first went around regarding the story and you know my curiosity will always get the better of me so I devoured the trilogy in a weekend.  Naturally I had to see the movie and I will admit it was quite good.  I've learned the hard way that books often translate to the screen very differently as the story is subjected to the director's view, the screen writer's perception and so on, but honestly I thought they captured the essence of the movie very well.  The casting of Jennifer Lawrence was an excellent choice as she inhabited the role of Katniss wholeheartedly.  We even had popcorn, bunch-a-crunch and goobers, it was a great afternoon.  

Oh and we found this place along our travels....

Funny story...when mi esposo were dating we tried to drive to a nearby mall that my  family had visited practically every weekend but every time mi esposo, or should I say my boyfriend at the time, tried to go to this mall we never, and I mean never got the exit right.  Our last attempt led us to this place by accident and we were never able to find it again.  To our great surprise we found it on my travels and wouldn't you know it, its about less than a mile from the mall.  Hopefully we can remember where its at so we can bring our little man next time. I'm sure he'd love it.  

We've been able to spend lots of quality time with our little man, just the three of us, or five if you count our kitties, just playing on the living room floor with all of his toys.  He's such a lucky baby that the number of toys he's received practically cover the living room floor.  He's in heaven whenever he gets to play. 

The two of us, my little man and I, have  been able to dip our tootsies in the water during water babies class and he just loves it.  He's signed up for the next session so hopefully by summertime we'll be able to hit the beach and let him feel the ocean on his toes without fear he'll jump out.  Who knows he might just jump right in without us. 

We were able to see mi esposo's family and celebrate a couple of birthdays with them.  Our little man even got to play with his cousins.  He's learning how to touch nicely, kind of like petting the cat, so every time one of the kids got next to him he would pet them on the back.  Yup we are learning to be nice to one another.  He took a picture with his other cousins that were born so close in age to him and he's quickly gone from being the biggest of the bunch to being the smallest.  Little man's uncle thinks the boys would be a great start for a football team and my little man could be the running back of the group.  Mi esposo says no, little man is definitely going to play baseball before football.  Be careful what you wish for honey, your boy just might love football. :)  

Milestones this month....

For us both....
  1. An afternoon date for Mi esposo and I, you know without either one of us, okay me, crying for our baby.  Fine so maybe it was a tear or two but not a full out cry, although we did talk about him throughout the time we were together because honestly we missed our two and a half feet little wonder.
  2. We are moving closer to being debt free, our big goal for 2012.
For our little man....
  1. He is walking on his own without any help from us.
  2. He's transitioned to milk which means no more smelly formula for us but frequent trips to our local WaWa to get more gallons of milk for him.
  3. BB gave him a kiss and a hug all without being asked to and he in turn gave her a hug too.  It was the hugfest of the year!
Big dream come true for me.... 
  1. I HAVE TULIPS!  We (clarification, I directed while mi esposo and my wonderful nephew) planted tulips and now they are blooming.  I'm ecstatic.  

Pay no attention to the fallen lights...they are next month's project.