Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Here's what I did for my Memorial Day weekend fun.....

#1. I organized my fabric and realized even though I was running out of storage space I could never have enough fabric for everything I need to make. Note I used the word need to make not want to make. I know you understand reader. Aren't they pretty. The fabric with the apples is going to be for a lunch bag, similar to what my sister made and yeah I need to make one too. But I need to incorporate the vinyl in my bag, I spill stuff.

#2. Lawn technical terms..... according to Wikipedia a "Cord" is a unit of measure of dry volume used in Canada and the United States to measure firewood and pulpwood. One cord, also commonly called a full cord or bush cord, is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62 m3), [1], corresponding to a woodpile 4 feet wide × 4 feet high × 8 feet long. I think I have a Cord and a half at my house now.

#3. Removing bushes and the like are so much more fun with my daddy's help. He used his machine and yanked out stumps and the roots from two old overgrown bushes, which we had previously cut down, and a weird bush that I ruthlessly hacked away from the front of my house. See, isn't it pretty now.

#3a. Hubby and I need to measure the front of our house before we decide to do additional pretty up work. We grossly underestimated the amount of mulch and flowers we would need. We bought about seven plants, I think we need about thirty for someone to notice we have flowers from the road. :)

#4. Just because you set the function for the ten second delay on the camera doesn't mean it isn't activated on the camera. You have to click another button, but once you figure it out (thanks Harvey!) its well worth setting up the camera and running back to get in the picture.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My dolly, Little Red & Sister!

First of all, I'm doing better; ever so much so since I have begun crafting again, taking lunches, walking and making time for family and friends and not just working full-time all the time. One of the things that usually makes me happy is checking out my sister's blog each day, www.thephantommoon.typepad.com just to see what's she's been up to. Even though I see her at least once during the week and try to see her and her family on the weekends it never seems as it is enough so I stalk her online. :)

Well today I received a very lovely surprise when I saw a picture of my dolly and Little Red, my newest craft gift from Sister, on my mantel next to my wedding picture (by the way, I asked my dear sis if I could post her picture to my blog and received a resounding Yes.)

I look at this picture and just want to get home and sit in front of my fireplace (no fire, its too hot outside) and finish my latest sewing project, a 2-year in the making octopus. Sister and I are the two girls that squished together. Even at her wedding I took pictures where I'm practically in her veil, but we looked cute.

I love this picture. I named my doll, Jane. I'll be honest, I coveted all of the dolls as soon as Sister made them and kept checking her website and etsy shop so I could have the first pick. I laid in wait and then pounced on my keyboard, like my cat taught me, and purchased Jane. Isn't she just lovely. Doesn't she look like Jane, Jane that is from Pride and Prejudice.

Now I need to convince my sister to make Mr. Bingley and I'll be set, that is until she makes me Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.

You better get busy, Sister. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stressed out!!!!!

Lately I have been experiencing monumental amounts of stress as I'm sure many of you out there are feeling as well. I'm aware I'm not alone in this terror; I'm not that special to be the only human being picked on but doesn't it just feel as if its you against the world sometimes. I normally find comfort in retreating to my craft room, a book, a movie or just sitting around with my family and living in simple enjoyment of everything.

3 lbs of gray matter won't cooperate, that treacherous mind of mine continually worries over people, places and things it has no control over. Wondering and worrying what will become of the future, consistently moving and delving into its recesses discovering items I have yet to complete for work and home. In a nutshell it sucks!

God give me strength! I guess I should have realized that my 1 year blogiversary is fast approaching (yup 5/13/09) reader and I should remember the reasons for creating the blog....to get creative, to not stress out....and the method to accomplishing it, to pat myself on the back for the things I have done successfully, to keep going and to try and balance work and life successfully.

I need to celebrate the joys of life more often so that maybe my mind will be entertained and not insist on focusing on the potential failures. Let's recap this year...here in no particular order I have learned to....
  1. successfully use a sewing machine and its basic functions and some of the cool sewing trims without any bodily harm to myself
  2. to wind a bobbin and thread the sewing machine
  3. to match fabric colors using the little numbers on the selvage (for the ones that have prints)
  4. to make bags (big bags, little bags, wristlets, and totes)
  5. that a project doesn't have to be perfect, it can have slight imperfections because its homemade
  6. that a recipient doesn't need to fall in love with a gift I've made them even though I have loved making it; its okay if they just like it.... :)
  7. to ask for help
  8. do overs are fun
  9. putting interfacing on fabric should be done to the outer layer :) and its makes a project look polished
  10. make a list of the things you need
  11. your list can always be adjusted
  12. work needs to stop at a certain point, no later than 7 pm (I'm getting better at this)
  13. minimal work on the weekends
  14. cooking from scratch is fun and if hubby cooks its okay, it doesn't make me a bad wife, besides he can cook really well
  15. I don't need to be in the middle of the bed, sharing with hubby and kitty is okay
  16. relish my house, my island
  17. whenever you make something, craft, work assignment, always put your best foot forward and be proud of it
  18. spend quality time with hubby, family and friends
  19. remember to take more pictures
I will admit, numbers 18 and 19 are my favorites!

Here's to a new year and hopefully less stress and more fun!