Monday, May 16, 2011

Time is flying by

Time flies especially when you are taking care of your child.  We all know it but wouldn't it be nice to document it for your child and yourself to show how quickly they grow. 

Here is my son, he's three months old now and I have had the pleasure of holding him in my arms every day.  Every day he has changed just a little and luckily I've been able to take pictures of him often to capture his changes. 

my little man at 1 month

my little man at 2 months

my little man at 3 months

It makes me wonder, how much will he change next month.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I can explain

I can explain why I haven't posted in see I've been a bit busy lately.  A certain someone finally arrived and made me a mommy!  He came a bit earlier than expected and a lot quicker than anyone anticipated and now my life revolves around him and I wouldn't have it any other way.

On a beautiful Saturday, eleven days before my due date mi esoposo and I were making the final preparations for the arrival of our bundle of joy. Since this was our first baby we thought, as we were told by my OB, that our baby would wait to be born on or after his due date.  Oh how naive we were.  On Sunday I awoke, not feeling that great but I chalked it up begin nine months pregnant, swollen feet and all. I called the Drs office because I had a concern and they asked me to come in to be evaluated. At 3:30 pm mi esposo and I arrived at the hospital for an evaluation and were checked in by a sweet nurse who hooked me up to monitors to check on my progress and the baby's vitals. All was good and I was released at 5:30 pm and told to go home, and to keep my apt with my doctor for later that week.  Exhausted physically and mentally we headed home, where I went straight to bed while mi esposo made dinner.

Less than a half hour later, we ate dinner in bed and watched some TV and within minutes I began to doze off to sleep after such an exhausting day, but I didn't stay asleep long because within fifteen minutes I awoke abruptly.  My water had broke.  Mi esposo and I headed out of the house to get to the hospital but before I got in the car I thought, hmm, maybe I have a bit of time to finish up the last couple of things I needed to do so I called my mom and asked her what I should do and luckily she said head on out while mi esposo said if I didn't get in the car he was going to put me in the car himself.  Smart man because as soon as I sat in the car I felt a contraction for a full minute every two minutes.  I don't remember the car ride, I believe the entire time I was gripping the car for each contraction but I did remember to breathe which would be my saving grace.  Fast forward to getting to the hospital.  Everything passed in a blur and before I knew it I was in the birthing room, and pushing (without an epidural, seems I missed my window) and there I was holding my little man.

Our new family, mi esposo and I with our son, just minutes old.

The first snuggle for mommy and baby caught on film by my wonderful sister.

My son announced his arrival to the staff, but once he was placed in my arms he was quiet as a mouse.

Thankfully my sister and my mother were able to make it to the hospital to be there in time for my son's birth. Trust me it was a miracle, they only had minutes to arrive and I was taken back shortly thereafter and less than two hours later my son was born.

Now my days are spent changing diapers, cleaning up spittle and washing bottles galore, I have never been happier in my life!!!!!!!