Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Good Stuff

Here's a burst of love from a sweet voice and lovely lyrics by Brit Nicole....Happy Thursday...the weekend is right around the corner!  YEA!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilt Obsessed

Over a year ago I took a class on quilts and started making a quilt in anticipation of the arrival of my baby.  

Yes you read that line above right.  The class I took was over 17 months ago and I still haven't finished that quilt.  

I have made progress though, so much so that I am dying to wrap it up and present it to him.  Who knows he might keep it so that one day he can pass it along to his children, but I'm getting ahead of myself and making my eyes tear up so let me refocus on the present.  

I found some beautiful websites to help me with this fun tasks and I wanted to share them...

Allison's quilts are beautiful and her patterns are amazing.  If I knew what I was doing I would totally get them now!!!!  I've already added her patterns to my "Future Gifts to Myself" list, which I just created, the list that is, and I'm going to share it with mi esposo, who I have no doubt will find it immensely helpful for his future too. HA! 

My sister mentioned this site to me when I told her I was quilt obsessed and little did sister know that I read her book (thanks my dear for reconnecting me)...

Photo courtesy of

I strongly urge you, if you are interested in quilt making, to read this book.  I was able to download it for my Nook from the library but alas only had it for 14 lending days.  Elizabeth's writing style is simple, straightforward and definitely effective especially for a beginner like me. It's my the second item on my "Future Gifts to Myself" list.   
Rita's site features the most unique fabrics I have seen in a long time and she's such a giver.  Not only does she show you where to find her fabulous fabrics, she provides  you with some great tutorials as well.  

I'm almost done with little man's quilt.  I finished the quilt top, made the sandwich quilt and am now quilting a design.  The design will be a series of horizontal and vertical lines.  Nothing too complex and I'm sure they'll get a bit wonky, but he'll know that it was made with much love.  Once the design is complete, I'll bind it and then it will finally be done.  

Wish me luck!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Good Stuff

Have I mentioned that I love to watch cartoons.  

Most of my favorites are by Disney, such as Sleeping Beauty.  I've also had my fair share of viewing Saturday morning cartoons and loved watching Jem,  ThunderCats, Transformers, She-Ra, Strawberry Shortcake, Herself the Elf, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Inspector Gadget, and Voltron.  I could go on and on with this list especially now that I am watching many more cartoons courtesy of my little man.  

In all honesty, little man may be watching a cartoon but its usually his parents that are engrossed in the show.  For example, we've been watching Phineas and Ferb since little man was an infant.  When I mean we, I mean mi esposo and I, and we LOVE IT.  Its cute, its fun, its not inappropriate and we enjoy it.  A definite win for us all.  

In honor of Independence Day, which should be full of fun and a slight throwback to the my 80's childhood here is some random good stuff....Phineas, Ferb and Dad performing one of my favorites....She's got an alien heart!