Saturday, February 21, 2009

she's nine

My oldest niece on my side of the family is nine. I was there when she was born. Well not in the room but in the waiting room. I called out of work to be there when she was born, nine years ago. Can you believe it! Nine years have passed since this child was born in the blink of an eye.

Instead of making her a bottle I'm feeding her mac and cheese and trying to trick her into eating broccolli.

Instead of reading to her she is reading to me and she's reading scary books, Goosebumps!!!! She read a short story to me from the book her aunt, my sister had bought her for christmas, and it gave me the chills. Am I scaredy cat? Darn right but still she was only eight at the time reading these stories!

What's going to happen when she is 10? She and I wear almost the same size so maybe by then she'll be wearing my clothes!!!!! I'm scared but also in awe as I get to experience my little niece grow and become a wonderful, smart, funny, lovely little lady.

perfecting my flaws through crafting

I'm a perfectionist. I like everything to be just so. If it isn't, for example, if I don't have all the necessary supplies or I don't have the time I believe is needed to complete a project or make a sucessful start at it, I won't do it. Have I also mention I'm a procrastinator, but then who isn't (passing the buck = self defense mechanisim).

I'm trying to overcome these flaws and turn them into something positive. How... I'm still working on it :) but fear not I'll figure something out. Oddly enough crafting is helping me with my vices. I made a list of all the crafts I would like to do, fun stuff for myself and great gifts for others, I have been able to get a good bit done, and on time too! My latest project a bag for my niece for her birthday which just passed, don't worry I made the bag in time so I think I'm off to a good start so far!

BB's Tree

Its BB's birthday and I decided to make her a homemade gift that I know she'll enjoy.
See its a tree.....

You see BB is always running around my house saying something, or should I say announcing something to everyone, something that is extremely significant. Reader do realize that BB is going to be 2 so in her short span anything that she sees could be considered extremely significant. Recently she's been fascinated with the heart decorations that have been hanging on my window from Valentine's Day. Little BB would run around pointing to the window and yelling with all her might "Heart!" It made her happy.
Her mommy taught her many more words and one word that she says, which I enjoy, is her pronunciation of "tree." Every time she says it she shows the gap between her front teeth. She just looks adorable. I'm sure to get a TREE when she sees this softie.

The pattern from the tree is from softies, simple instructions for 25 plus pals by Theresa Laskey. The instructions weren't lying when it was identified as an easy project. My version is a loose interpretation of the tree. Traditional green was my choice for the tree top instead of the suggested turquoise and I cut all of the leafs freehand as suggested but didn't necessarily use the recommended sizes which I'm sure would have made it a perfect replica but I decided to do a little improvisation on it and lo' and behold BB's tree came to life.

I like to makes everything I'm thinking of, all the things I need to do at work, just stop.
I get to create and BB gets to yell TREE. Everyone is happy!