Saturday, February 21, 2009

she's nine

My oldest niece on my side of the family is nine. I was there when she was born. Well not in the room but in the waiting room. I called out of work to be there when she was born, nine years ago. Can you believe it! Nine years have passed since this child was born in the blink of an eye.

Instead of making her a bottle I'm feeding her mac and cheese and trying to trick her into eating broccolli.

Instead of reading to her she is reading to me and she's reading scary books, Goosebumps!!!! She read a short story to me from the book her aunt, my sister had bought her for christmas, and it gave me the chills. Am I scaredy cat? Darn right but still she was only eight at the time reading these stories!

What's going to happen when she is 10? She and I wear almost the same size so maybe by then she'll be wearing my clothes!!!!! I'm scared but also in awe as I get to experience my little niece grow and become a wonderful, smart, funny, lovely little lady.

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