Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting closer....

to relaxing and enjoying "the now" by spending more time with my family instead of looking towards the future even if it is only next month, because I won't get those moments back, which explains my self imposed hiatus. 

to learning all the names of the trains on the Thomas the Tank Engine show.  There is Thomas of course, Percy, James, Toby, and the Logging Locos, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand who happen to be my favorites.  I was even able to watch The Blue Mountain Mystery movie just recently and finally learned the reasoning behind the creation of three trains for Victor, oh I mean V-dub was able to see it and loved it.  Okay yeah, I like them too, so there.....meanwhile V-dub loves Gordon, the ever elusive Gordon whose availability is extremely limited in stores and on-line. Santa better have lots of luck finding him because mi esposo and I are definitely not!

to getting all my projects done.  I've promised myself for each new project completed an old forgotten project must also be completed.  This is mostly imposed so that I won't buy any new fabric.  Although, there is a particular fabric my eye continues to be drawn too so in order to get it an old project and fabric purchased for that purchase has to be used.  Its another way towards being debt free, unused fabric means money lost right reader! But isn't the below fabric so pretty though.....

Flirt Petite Fat Quarter Bundle
Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

to becoming a quilter.  A special someone purchased an awesome gift for me....
Image from
its the Confidence Quilter by Singer and now quilting has been such a breeze.  The creation of the quilt with the 1/4 inch foot is divine and don't let me get started on making the sandwich, oh la was love at first sight.  The actual quilting of the quilt, you know the intricate stiches still scare me so I'm thinking I'll need to take a class to become more familiar with the method and then dive in.  Yes dear Reader, I'm going to attempt to quilt the whole top and make a design.  OMG!!!  I'm getting a little light headed just thinking about it.  I have finished a couple of quilts and I will post then shortly.

to having that cup of tea before its gets too cold....write to you again soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


V-dub's quilt is finally finished and my son loved it!!!!!  You'll be proud that I remembered to take a picture of the quilt but neglected to get the oh so cute shot of my son hugging his quilt.  I know I'll have lots more time to document his quilt hug but for right now I'm going to share with you the efforts of my hard work, my labor of love for my son, or should I say my second labor of love....His QUILT!!!!

The pattern used for the quilt was called Piano Keys and can be purchased here.  My sister, mother and I all took the class, with our fabulous teacher and designer, and sister documented our experience here.  I wanted it to be perfect so I did more my research and discovered some wonderful websites and some great tips and completed his quilt with my mom's help.  Yup mom helped me just like she helped my sister.  God Bless you MOM!  

It was a wonderful experience that I'll be repeating soon, but this time it will be pink infused.  You see a brand new beautiful baby is about to be born and I'm hoping to be able to make one for her to celebrate her much anticipated debut.  

So I'm off to my craft room to cut up fabric and to visit youtube for more videos on finishing up the binding.  I'm so excited, stay tuned for pics of more quilts coming soon.  I can't believe it; I'm a quilter!!!!!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Good Stuff

Here's a burst of love from a sweet voice and lovely lyrics by Brit Nicole....Happy Thursday...the weekend is right around the corner!  YEA!!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilt Obsessed

Over a year ago I took a class on quilts and started making a quilt in anticipation of the arrival of my baby.  

Yes you read that line above right.  The class I took was over 17 months ago and I still haven't finished that quilt.  

I have made progress though, so much so that I am dying to wrap it up and present it to him.  Who knows he might keep it so that one day he can pass it along to his children, but I'm getting ahead of myself and making my eyes tear up so let me refocus on the present.  

I found some beautiful websites to help me with this fun tasks and I wanted to share them...

Allison's quilts are beautiful and her patterns are amazing.  If I knew what I was doing I would totally get them now!!!!  I've already added her patterns to my "Future Gifts to Myself" list, which I just created, the list that is, and I'm going to share it with mi esposo, who I have no doubt will find it immensely helpful for his future too. HA! 

My sister mentioned this site to me when I told her I was quilt obsessed and little did sister know that I read her book (thanks my dear for reconnecting me)...

Photo courtesy of

I strongly urge you, if you are interested in quilt making, to read this book.  I was able to download it for my Nook from the library but alas only had it for 14 lending days.  Elizabeth's writing style is simple, straightforward and definitely effective especially for a beginner like me. It's my the second item on my "Future Gifts to Myself" list.   
Rita's site features the most unique fabrics I have seen in a long time and she's such a giver.  Not only does she show you where to find her fabulous fabrics, she provides  you with some great tutorials as well.  

I'm almost done with little man's quilt.  I finished the quilt top, made the sandwich quilt and am now quilting a design.  The design will be a series of horizontal and vertical lines.  Nothing too complex and I'm sure they'll get a bit wonky, but he'll know that it was made with much love.  Once the design is complete, I'll bind it and then it will finally be done.  

Wish me luck!!!!! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Random Good Stuff

Have I mentioned that I love to watch cartoons.  

Most of my favorites are by Disney, such as Sleeping Beauty.  I've also had my fair share of viewing Saturday morning cartoons and loved watching Jem,  ThunderCats, Transformers, She-Ra, Strawberry Shortcake, Herself the Elf, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Inspector Gadget, and Voltron.  I could go on and on with this list especially now that I am watching many more cartoons courtesy of my little man.  

In all honesty, little man may be watching a cartoon but its usually his parents that are engrossed in the show.  For example, we've been watching Phineas and Ferb since little man was an infant.  When I mean we, I mean mi esposo and I, and we LOVE IT.  Its cute, its fun, its not inappropriate and we enjoy it.  A definite win for us all.  

In honor of Independence Day, which should be full of fun and a slight throwback to the my 80's childhood here is some random good stuff....Phineas, Ferb and Dad performing one of my favorites....She's got an alien heart!  

Saturday, June 30, 2012

WittleBee Arrived

Little man's Wittlebee box arrived!
Check out what his stylist choose for him.

 The color combos are fantastic.
Two great outfits that would be great for daytime play dates. 

This outfit is perfect for Sunday Mass.

They even included a Kenneth Cole outfit!
I don't even have a Kenneth Cole outfit!!!

Here is a Calvin Klein shirt that would go great with his
Kenneth Cole pants or with a pair of shorts I purchased for him at Carter's.

And here is our little man ready to go and show the world his new clothes.
He was initially happy to go outside but when his mean mommy wouldn't allow him to wander around and potentially play in traffic he became very upset with me.
I swear if he could have said Mean Mommy he would have. 

We did go to PetSmart to pick up a new water fountain for our cats because they are spoiled like that and we found a fan of Little Man's new clothing choices.


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Thursday, June 28, 2012


As a working mom, I'm always looking for ways to do things more productively so that I can spend more time with my family.  

I use the dishwasher often, so instead of standing over my sink washing dishes I'm playing with my son in the living room.  It helps that I hate washing dishes. I'll use the crock pot, so instead of rummaging in the kitchen when I get home from work dinner is already done and we can just sit down as a family and enjoy.  

Recently I discovered a new way to spend more time with my family..... 
which I found courtesy of mi esposo's cousin.  

I love their motto.."Say Hello to saving money and time.  Say goodbye to mall meltdowns."  

Now while we have been fortunate enough to have not experienced the mall meltdown as of yet, we have experienced the car ride meltdown, the morning meltdown, the lack of Cars 2 on TV meltdown, and the not wanting to eat meltdown.  With that said, if WittleBee can help us avoid the mall meltdown for the time being than I'm game.  

Little man's first box is out for shipment today.  I can't wait to open it with him tonight and see all the great finds his stylist picked out for him which I'll post tomorrow. 

Ha!  He has a stylist!  I LOVE IT!!!!  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Still here

I have no idea where May went but here we are at the, practically, end of June.  
May started out with a bang, a bang of the sickies that is for my household.  First it was mi esposo, then little man and then me.  Yes the first week of May we ended up missing two birthday parties, my brother and my niece's, and we never got to wish my brother-in-law a happy birthday in person on his birthday.  We were so bummed that we weren’t able to celebrate with eveyerone, but I was comforted with the thought that our imposed withdrawal from the outside world, which meant we contained our sickness, would allow others to be well from our sacrifice.  I’m so humble don’t you think.  HA!
We did learn something though; my little man and his daddy are even more alike than I had initially thought.  Both hate to be sick and (if you get squeamish skip ahead please), more specifically, they both despise hurling.  Seriously who does. I don’t but I’m of the firm mindset that a good hurl will help you get out that noxious junk in your body and often you feel better afterwards.  Nope, not in my house...I’m the hurler and the boys like to keep it down.  I figured out a way to help my little man though, I held him upside down to help him get it out….yeah give me the mother of the year award….okay Gross stuff over…Now you can tell it was an interesting start right. 
I mentioned before we are trying to make little man into a baby seal.  You know we've been enrolling him in water babies classes etc. and it seems to be working.  On Memorial Day we went to see my in-laws and he had a blast in the large pool and baby pool.  It was hard to get him get out of both pools.  He even tried something new; a slide into the baby pool and I was lucky enough to get it on film.  Cracks me up.  I love the look of shock on both of their faces.   
The little daredevil kept it up to the rest of the day.
He reminds me of my mom.  She was the first water baby of the family.  Whenever the pool was out she would get in with us and now she’s in it with the grandkids.  One time, this was rather long ago, one of her grandchildren told her that Grandma couldn’t get in the pool with them because there wasn’t enough room for them all to play.  My mom’s solution…she bought a bigger pool.  Smart lady right. 
Recent milestones for our little man…
  1. He is RUNNING!!!! Forget about the walking thing, that’s for the birds, he’s learned to take off and we are just trying to catch up.
  2.  More words are on the horizon….he’s said “I see” when I was showing him his new bird feeder, courtesy of Grandma.  How cute!!!
  3. Multiple viewings of Cars 2, for half if not the full movie which has climbed to approximately twenty+ times.

Milestones for me and mi esposo
1. We have watched Cars 2 for over twenty times and we still love it.  Its true children at this age often monopolized TV time and its good if you expose him to developmental and fun shows as well, but it’s also our opportunity to reconnect with our childhood with him.  YEA!!!!
2. Studying full steam ahead for mi esposo, he’s taking his Science test for teaching.  Wish him luck everyone. 

3. I made French Onion soup!!!!!! I was first introduced to this delicious, scrumptious treat by my BFF, Kelly, and have loved it ever since.  I even got to use the Broiler option on my oven, so it was a 2 for 1 kind of deal! 

4. I was able to sew.  A friend of mine is awaiting the birth of her daughter at the end of the summer so instead of just heading out to buy any old gift I wanted to make something for her.  I turned to my sister who lent me a fabulous book, Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love, and used the Katie Kitty pattern.  Here are pictures courtesy of the mom-to-be.  

     It was funny, I had everything done but the face as it was the hardest to do, especially because I couldn't use the snap on eyes or nose since its for an infant but I kept redoing the face.  I wanted it to be perfect and I hope I got it right.  My friend thought she was cute so I'm thinking it was a success.  I'm making another one for BB, at BB's request, its going to be pink and purple and with snap on eyes on nose since she's a big girl, but I'm giving the mouth another try with embroidery.  If all else fails, I'll have my sister do it. :) 

The summer is started and in full swing in our neck of the woods.  100 degree temperatures are rising and you know the best part of it is the bugs have found me.  Yes how I do love summer.  Well, I’m off to plant some morning glory seeds to pretty up my backyard, let’s hope the bugs get lost in their pursuit and I remember to take pictures. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year was a blast.  We ate at mi esposo's mom's house and we had the pleasure of seeing practically everyone from his side of the family in one day.  We brought over two huge helpings of Macaroni and Cheese and it was devoured within the three hours we were there.  The irony of it all, I am lactose intolerant but yet I can make an awesome batch of Mac & Cheese from scratch.  This time we threw Stewed tomatoes over it and everyone loved it.  Then we headed over to my family's house and ate all we could there, not to mention we took/stole a bunch of dinner rolls that my sister made from scratch that I promptly stored in our freezer for future consumption.  You could say that this year's theme was eating it all up.  

Oh and we even found a bunny on our lawn.....

Please take special note the lack of interest on the bunny to have his picture taken. 

Hope you had a lovely holiday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

March, a spectacular month

March brought us some great moments!  

X-Men First Class (image courtesy of IMDB)

Mi esposo and I watched X-Men First Class while our little man took an unusually long nap.  Yes, I'm aware the movie came out last year so we're a bit behind in our rental queue.  

One afternoon mi esposo and I went out sans out little man and I was able to eat this concoction from Nathan's....

and we were able to see a movie....the Hunger Games.  

Photo Courtesy of
I read the Hunger Games trilogy sometime ago when the buzz first went around regarding the story and you know my curiosity will always get the better of me so I devoured the trilogy in a weekend.  Naturally I had to see the movie and I will admit it was quite good.  I've learned the hard way that books often translate to the screen very differently as the story is subjected to the director's view, the screen writer's perception and so on, but honestly I thought they captured the essence of the movie very well.  The casting of Jennifer Lawrence was an excellent choice as she inhabited the role of Katniss wholeheartedly.  We even had popcorn, bunch-a-crunch and goobers, it was a great afternoon.  

Oh and we found this place along our travels....

Funny story...when mi esposo were dating we tried to drive to a nearby mall that my  family had visited practically every weekend but every time mi esposo, or should I say my boyfriend at the time, tried to go to this mall we never, and I mean never got the exit right.  Our last attempt led us to this place by accident and we were never able to find it again.  To our great surprise we found it on my travels and wouldn't you know it, its about less than a mile from the mall.  Hopefully we can remember where its at so we can bring our little man next time. I'm sure he'd love it.  

We've been able to spend lots of quality time with our little man, just the three of us, or five if you count our kitties, just playing on the living room floor with all of his toys.  He's such a lucky baby that the number of toys he's received practically cover the living room floor.  He's in heaven whenever he gets to play. 

The two of us, my little man and I, have  been able to dip our tootsies in the water during water babies class and he just loves it.  He's signed up for the next session so hopefully by summertime we'll be able to hit the beach and let him feel the ocean on his toes without fear he'll jump out.  Who knows he might just jump right in without us. 

We were able to see mi esposo's family and celebrate a couple of birthdays with them.  Our little man even got to play with his cousins.  He's learning how to touch nicely, kind of like petting the cat, so every time one of the kids got next to him he would pet them on the back.  Yup we are learning to be nice to one another.  He took a picture with his other cousins that were born so close in age to him and he's quickly gone from being the biggest of the bunch to being the smallest.  Little man's uncle thinks the boys would be a great start for a football team and my little man could be the running back of the group.  Mi esposo says no, little man is definitely going to play baseball before football.  Be careful what you wish for honey, your boy just might love football. :)  

Milestones this month....

For us both....
  1. An afternoon date for Mi esposo and I, you know without either one of us, okay me, crying for our baby.  Fine so maybe it was a tear or two but not a full out cry, although we did talk about him throughout the time we were together because honestly we missed our two and a half feet little wonder.
  2. We are moving closer to being debt free, our big goal for 2012.
For our little man....
  1. He is walking on his own without any help from us.
  2. He's transitioned to milk which means no more smelly formula for us but frequent trips to our local WaWa to get more gallons of milk for him.
  3. BB gave him a kiss and a hug all without being asked to and he in turn gave her a hug too.  It was the hugfest of the year!
Big dream come true for me.... 
  1. I HAVE TULIPS!  We (clarification, I directed while mi esposo and my wonderful nephew) planted tulips and now they are blooming.  I'm ecstatic.  

Pay no attention to the fallen lights...they are next month's project.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Parental Lesson Learned...

Never Dress a Baby in a Zombie Shirt....

First they don't look into the camera and then its a free for all....check out the below if you dare...

Me no want hungry.....

Oh no Zombie Baby is going to eat you........

 Yum bear taste good, me want more...

Maybe next time I should feed him before I get his picture.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I've been up to lately....

I've been up to lots of stuff.....

Reading blogs where I've found these gems...

  • Pretzel Dogs, courtesy of Joy the Baker  and they are delicious not to mention super easy to make.  Joy's blog is a definite treat for baked deliciousness as well as these scrumptious treats.  She even has great vegan, no dairy treats as well.

  • directly taken from her March 2, 2011 Huzzah post...."- This is important. When you blog, have integrity. Be real, be honest, and give credit when it is due."  Rubyellen has four girls and still manages to blog and find time to do her hair and look great in her photos.  I find this a huge feat, as I have one child and I still haven't had my hair done since October.  She's a real mommy who loves her husband, children and God and isn't afraid to say it and stand up for her beliefs.  Love her!!!  I drew inspiration from her post....If you are a blogger out there take responsibility for yourself.  If you get advice from someone mention them, if you re-post something from their site, put in a link and let them know you appreciated their work.  It isn't hard and it shows you are a responsible decent human being.  While I'm aware that many people have the same thought at the same time, its quite ludicrous when someone posts their "new idea" after someone else has either just posted that same idea/comment or delivered their advice.  ARGH, gets me riled up and make me think twice about posting, but Rubyellen's comment really inspired me to continue blogging.  I will continue to be honest and true on my blog (not to mention especially in person) and be sure that my actions and words are a true reflection of me and my beliefs so that I am setting a good example to my son and am pleasing God as well.  For those who wish to provoke and instill anger in my heart, I will be ignoring your veiled comments and pushing on to better things.    

I've also been working hard at the office.  There is always so much to do but I'm learning more and more every day the beauty of going paperless and how it helps all of us, especially me. Being a working mother is harder than I thought but the good Lord will provide me with the strength to keep going.  

My little man celebrated his First Birthday.  Can you believe it...he's one already and it seems as if yesterday I was announcing his arrival to you dear reader.  Thanks for being there for me as I relived an incredible moment in my life.  I'll post details on his first birthday party soon, once I get the pictures uploaded. I delegated the picture taking to my father and brother so I definitely have pictures this time.  

I've been crafting too but as usual I keep forgetting to take pictures of my creations.  Dang it!!!!  Lord help me remember for the future.  

There's more but I'm off to spend more time with mi esposo and my little man. 

Love his smile!