Friday, June 22, 2012

Still here

I have no idea where May went but here we are at the, practically, end of June.  
May started out with a bang, a bang of the sickies that is for my household.  First it was mi esposo, then little man and then me.  Yes the first week of May we ended up missing two birthday parties, my brother and my niece's, and we never got to wish my brother-in-law a happy birthday in person on his birthday.  We were so bummed that we weren’t able to celebrate with eveyerone, but I was comforted with the thought that our imposed withdrawal from the outside world, which meant we contained our sickness, would allow others to be well from our sacrifice.  I’m so humble don’t you think.  HA!
We did learn something though; my little man and his daddy are even more alike than I had initially thought.  Both hate to be sick and (if you get squeamish skip ahead please), more specifically, they both despise hurling.  Seriously who does. I don’t but I’m of the firm mindset that a good hurl will help you get out that noxious junk in your body and often you feel better afterwards.  Nope, not in my house...I’m the hurler and the boys like to keep it down.  I figured out a way to help my little man though, I held him upside down to help him get it out….yeah give me the mother of the year award….okay Gross stuff over…Now you can tell it was an interesting start right. 
I mentioned before we are trying to make little man into a baby seal.  You know we've been enrolling him in water babies classes etc. and it seems to be working.  On Memorial Day we went to see my in-laws and he had a blast in the large pool and baby pool.  It was hard to get him get out of both pools.  He even tried something new; a slide into the baby pool and I was lucky enough to get it on film.  Cracks me up.  I love the look of shock on both of their faces.   
The little daredevil kept it up to the rest of the day.
He reminds me of my mom.  She was the first water baby of the family.  Whenever the pool was out she would get in with us and now she’s in it with the grandkids.  One time, this was rather long ago, one of her grandchildren told her that Grandma couldn’t get in the pool with them because there wasn’t enough room for them all to play.  My mom’s solution…she bought a bigger pool.  Smart lady right. 
Recent milestones for our little man…
  1. He is RUNNING!!!! Forget about the walking thing, that’s for the birds, he’s learned to take off and we are just trying to catch up.
  2.  More words are on the horizon….he’s said “I see” when I was showing him his new bird feeder, courtesy of Grandma.  How cute!!!
  3. Multiple viewings of Cars 2, for half if not the full movie which has climbed to approximately twenty+ times.

Milestones for me and mi esposo
1. We have watched Cars 2 for over twenty times and we still love it.  Its true children at this age often monopolized TV time and its good if you expose him to developmental and fun shows as well, but it’s also our opportunity to reconnect with our childhood with him.  YEA!!!!
2. Studying full steam ahead for mi esposo, he’s taking his Science test for teaching.  Wish him luck everyone. 

3. I made French Onion soup!!!!!! I was first introduced to this delicious, scrumptious treat by my BFF, Kelly, and have loved it ever since.  I even got to use the Broiler option on my oven, so it was a 2 for 1 kind of deal! 

4. I was able to sew.  A friend of mine is awaiting the birth of her daughter at the end of the summer so instead of just heading out to buy any old gift I wanted to make something for her.  I turned to my sister who lent me a fabulous book, Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love, and used the Katie Kitty pattern.  Here are pictures courtesy of the mom-to-be.  

     It was funny, I had everything done but the face as it was the hardest to do, especially because I couldn't use the snap on eyes or nose since its for an infant but I kept redoing the face.  I wanted it to be perfect and I hope I got it right.  My friend thought she was cute so I'm thinking it was a success.  I'm making another one for BB, at BB's request, its going to be pink and purple and with snap on eyes on nose since she's a big girl, but I'm giving the mouth another try with embroidery.  If all else fails, I'll have my sister do it. :) 

The summer is started and in full swing in our neck of the woods.  100 degree temperatures are rising and you know the best part of it is the bugs have found me.  Yes how I do love summer.  Well, I’m off to plant some morning glory seeds to pretty up my backyard, let’s hope the bugs get lost in their pursuit and I remember to take pictures. 


Mom said...

Great with that doll. You were very thoughtful not to go out and get everyone sick. You have been having a good time with Mr. Victor and his daddy. Enjoy it now while you can before he starts talking and wants to be with just the boys,lol. Thanks for the updates. <3

Frank said...

Our little guy is growing up so fast! You just noticed a new tooth coming out today which might explain him shoving both hands into his mouth for the past few weeks. ;) He sure does love to run and swim but at least it tires him out. Great job on the kitty, shes beautiful. Vdub and I love you vewwy vewwy much. A few of his newer words, koko (from chuggington) and dach (dog)...