Thursday, June 28, 2012


As a working mom, I'm always looking for ways to do things more productively so that I can spend more time with my family.  

I use the dishwasher often, so instead of standing over my sink washing dishes I'm playing with my son in the living room.  It helps that I hate washing dishes. I'll use the crock pot, so instead of rummaging in the kitchen when I get home from work dinner is already done and we can just sit down as a family and enjoy.  

Recently I discovered a new way to spend more time with my family..... 
which I found courtesy of mi esposo's cousin.  

I love their motto.."Say Hello to saving money and time.  Say goodbye to mall meltdowns."  

Now while we have been fortunate enough to have not experienced the mall meltdown as of yet, we have experienced the car ride meltdown, the morning meltdown, the lack of Cars 2 on TV meltdown, and the not wanting to eat meltdown.  With that said, if WittleBee can help us avoid the mall meltdown for the time being than I'm game.  

Little man's first box is out for shipment today.  I can't wait to open it with him tonight and see all the great finds his stylist picked out for him which I'll post tomorrow. 

Ha!  He has a stylist!  I LOVE IT!!!!  


Frank said...

Now if only they had one of these for your esposo! ;) Biggee Bee! Just to update your readers before your next post, the box arrived and it had really cute packaging. The clothes are pretty sweet, wish they had some in my size to match mah boy!

Me said...

You are too funny! Be careful what you wish for, I'll start dressing you two so that you'll look like twins. Mwah!