Saturday, June 30, 2012

WittleBee Arrived

Little man's Wittlebee box arrived!
Check out what his stylist choose for him.

 The color combos are fantastic.
Two great outfits that would be great for daytime play dates. 

This outfit is perfect for Sunday Mass.

They even included a Kenneth Cole outfit!
I don't even have a Kenneth Cole outfit!!!

Here is a Calvin Klein shirt that would go great with his
Kenneth Cole pants or with a pair of shorts I purchased for him at Carter's.

And here is our little man ready to go and show the world his new clothes.
He was initially happy to go outside but when his mean mommy wouldn't allow him to wander around and potentially play in traffic he became very upset with me.
I swear if he could have said Mean Mommy he would have. 

We did go to PetSmart to pick up a new water fountain for our cats because they are spoiled like that and we found a fan of Little Man's new clothing choices.


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