Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting closer....

to relaxing and enjoying "the now" by spending more time with my family instead of looking towards the future even if it is only next month, because I won't get those moments back, which explains my self imposed hiatus. 

to learning all the names of the trains on the Thomas the Tank Engine show.  There is Thomas of course, Percy, James, Toby, and the Logging Locos, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand who happen to be my favorites.  I was even able to watch The Blue Mountain Mystery movie just recently and finally learned the reasoning behind the creation of three trains for Victor, oh I mean V-dub was able to see it and loved it.  Okay yeah, I like them too, so there.....meanwhile V-dub loves Gordon, the ever elusive Gordon whose availability is extremely limited in stores and on-line. Santa better have lots of luck finding him because mi esposo and I are definitely not!

to getting all my projects done.  I've promised myself for each new project completed an old forgotten project must also be completed.  This is mostly imposed so that I won't buy any new fabric.  Although, there is a particular fabric my eye continues to be drawn too so in order to get it an old project and fabric purchased for that purchase has to be used.  Its another way towards being debt free, unused fabric means money lost right reader! But isn't the below fabric so pretty though.....

Flirt Petite Fat Quarter Bundle
Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

to becoming a quilter.  A special someone purchased an awesome gift for me....
Image from
its the Confidence Quilter by Singer and now quilting has been such a breeze.  The creation of the quilt with the 1/4 inch foot is divine and don't let me get started on making the sandwich, oh la was love at first sight.  The actual quilting of the quilt, you know the intricate stiches still scare me so I'm thinking I'll need to take a class to become more familiar with the method and then dive in.  Yes dear Reader, I'm going to attempt to quilt the whole top and make a design.  OMG!!!  I'm getting a little light headed just thinking about it.  I have finished a couple of quilts and I will post then shortly.

to having that cup of tea before its gets too cold....write to you again soon!