Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hubby's Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Hubby's birthday with a trip to his favorite place, the beach. Not just any beach though, we went to Margate and Ventnor where he spent most of his vacations during his childhood.

Doesn't he looks handsome and so happy!!

We both took the day off from work, a much needed vacation for us both, and spent the entire day down the shore.

We started the day with a scenic drive down Route 30, breakfast at a great diner along the way where they served him fresh blueberries on his "blueberry pancakes," the last dinner used pie filling and it almost scared him for life.

We arrived at the shore early and headed straight for the beach. The water was cold so we only dipped our feet. The ocean must have missed Hubby since it sent a wave and smacked him on the butt as if to say "Hey Boo, weryabin!"

We strolled along the boardwalk, visited the Art Center, had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, walked some more, took a drive down to Margate and Ventnor, did some house watching and then went to one of the beaches to put up our feet and relax. Later we trecked back to the boardwalk got Hubby some retro-Candy from Sugar and ice cream at their ice cream parlor on the 2nd floor. Its a hidden treasure that was divine; we had scrumptious ice cream plus the place is air conditioned, a true two-fold treat since it was about 90 degrees outside.

Before we knew it, it was time to head home so we stopped off at the White House for an Italian sub to go. Subs (I call them hoagies) from the White House are delicious and definitely a recommendation to anyone who is visiting Atlantic City. Do not miss this place! Be prepared to wait in a long line but don't despair the wait is well worth it.

Mom always taught us to be prepared so we had a freezer bag on the go in the trunk. We wrapped up our sub/hoagie and couldn't wait till we hit home to devour it!

After the long drive, we were finally home. You would think such a relaxing day wouldn't make you tired but it took its toll. Hubby said its the salt air, it just lulls you to sleep. I believe it.

We did stay awake long enough and had a cupcake to celebrate Hubby. Kitty declined to sing since we hadn't gotten her a cupcake of her own and expected her to share with us.

The next day I invited my family to come and sing to Hubby for his birthday. Hubby's family had a graduation party for one of my many nieces on their side and couldn't attend. We did wish her Congrats in advance and will see her soon.

Here is hubby with all the girls on my side.

BB, Jenny's baby is in yellow, and the rest of the pretty girls are my nieces from my AutoBot brother who came to celebrate too. The cute one to the far right with the long hair in blue stayed close to Hubby while we sang him Happy Birthday. It was a plot you see as she's pretty slick. Little one stayed very close to his side and once our Happy Birthday song ended she blew out his candles before he even had a chance to pucker up!

Today Hubby and I just lounged around, seriously lounging we didn't get up until after 10 am! It was a wonderful weekend and I was so happy to celebrate my wonderful Hubby all weekend long!!! I love you very much darling, I'm so happy I married you and I can't wait to share many, many more birthdays with you!!!!!

Please note a special Post Script......BB is learning how to share. :) See this picture, she just loves sharing with her Tio.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darling!

When they brought her home I asked them to send her back to the hospital. She cried too much and interrupted my much needed REM sequence.

When she was able to walk I learned she was a great playmate, provided she followed all of my rules.

When she entered grade school I realized she needed protecting, especially from boys (yeah that means you Shawn, I remember you putting pencils in her milk!).

When she went to high school I knew she wasn’t a baby anymore but I saw firsthand that she could still sleep soundly like a baby. This was observed when I caught her snoozing on the roof, when she was supposed to be working, directly in the line of the sun’s rays. She did get a lovely tan though.

When she went to college, she tried to find out what she liked doing best and participating in music and all mediums of arts and she excelled in my eyes. I memorized her social security number so I could keep tabs on her when they posted grades.

When she started her first real job she learned the art of sleeping on the job and Wawa breaks, but just in the beginning thereafter she learned the value of hard work and its merits usually yielded more than a quarter raise. Now as a seasoned professional she is working like a champ. I still check in on her from time to time.

When she became a Mrs., all I could do was watch my baby become a beautiful bride. I couldn’t say a word, I would get all choked up and cry I was so happy.

When she became a mom she let me into the birthing room to check on her and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I hadn’t eaten or those bright lights I would have seen the birth of my niece. On second thought, I think it was better that I saw her for the first time all bundled up. It was so surreal; my baby sister had a baby and what a beautiful baby she is.

Happy Birthday, Darling! I’m so blessed to have been a part of all of your great moments and I can not wait to see what God has in store for you in the years ahead.

By the way this is what my baby thinks of this sentimental fun…
Deep down, really, really, really, really deep down, I'm sure she is wishing her Titi a Happy Birthday as well, from far away that is!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute Little Gifts

I love this book!

Lexie Barnes is a genius! Ms. Barnes' book is so easy to use and is filled with great projects. I've made so many of the tissue holders to give away as quick gifts that its become my favorite project. I've given so many away I just realized I don't even have one for me. Here are just three of these quick beauties that I gave away as Thank You gifts. The recipients are happy, I'm happy, what a lovely craft.

I definitely recommend this book to all sewers out there, newbies and pros, because you never know you might learn something new, especially any of her fun projects. I even made a drawstring bag to pack away shoes. Drawstring bag you say, won't try it, its definitely hard. Nope, Lexie made it easy and now I'm going to make a couple more. You never know when you'll need it for yourself or to give away or just make them because they are fun.

Did I take a happy pill today or what!

By the way the plants are still thriving. Two weeks down, just the rest of summer to go!