Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Darling!

When they brought her home I asked them to send her back to the hospital. She cried too much and interrupted my much needed REM sequence.

When she was able to walk I learned she was a great playmate, provided she followed all of my rules.

When she entered grade school I realized she needed protecting, especially from boys (yeah that means you Shawn, I remember you putting pencils in her milk!).

When she went to high school I knew she wasn’t a baby anymore but I saw firsthand that she could still sleep soundly like a baby. This was observed when I caught her snoozing on the roof, when she was supposed to be working, directly in the line of the sun’s rays. She did get a lovely tan though.

When she went to college, she tried to find out what she liked doing best and participating in music and all mediums of arts and she excelled in my eyes. I memorized her social security number so I could keep tabs on her when they posted grades.

When she started her first real job she learned the art of sleeping on the job and Wawa breaks, but just in the beginning thereafter she learned the value of hard work and its merits usually yielded more than a quarter raise. Now as a seasoned professional she is working like a champ. I still check in on her from time to time.

When she became a Mrs., all I could do was watch my baby become a beautiful bride. I couldn’t say a word, I would get all choked up and cry I was so happy.

When she became a mom she let me into the birthing room to check on her and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I hadn’t eaten or those bright lights I would have seen the birth of my niece. On second thought, I think it was better that I saw her for the first time all bundled up. It was so surreal; my baby sister had a baby and what a beautiful baby she is.

Happy Birthday, Darling! I’m so blessed to have been a part of all of your great moments and I can not wait to see what God has in store for you in the years ahead.

By the way this is what my baby thinks of this sentimental fun…
Deep down, really, really, really, really deep down, I'm sure she is wishing her Titi a Happy Birthday as well, from far away that is!

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ThePhantomMoon said...

Thank you so much!!!!! I love it, your words were beautiful! I can't wait to see you tonight and give you a big hug and cry all over you like i'm crying right now ;) I still miss you, dear, and love all of the moments we had together when we were younger.
Thank you and love you so much!!!!
PS- I did have a good time, didn't i?