Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute Little Gifts

I love this book!

Lexie Barnes is a genius! Ms. Barnes' book is so easy to use and is filled with great projects. I've made so many of the tissue holders to give away as quick gifts that its become my favorite project. I've given so many away I just realized I don't even have one for me. Here are just three of these quick beauties that I gave away as Thank You gifts. The recipients are happy, I'm happy, what a lovely craft.

I definitely recommend this book to all sewers out there, newbies and pros, because you never know you might learn something new, especially any of her fun projects. I even made a drawstring bag to pack away shoes. Drawstring bag you say, won't try it, its definitely hard. Nope, Lexie made it easy and now I'm going to make a couple more. You never know when you'll need it for yourself or to give away or just make them because they are fun.

Did I take a happy pill today or what!

By the way the plants are still thriving. Two weeks down, just the rest of summer to go!

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ThePhantomMoon said...

I love that book too, great buy! I'm sure those that received a tissue holder loved theirs as much as i loved mine :) thanks!!!