Sunday, August 5, 2012


V-dub's quilt is finally finished and my son loved it!!!!!  You'll be proud that I remembered to take a picture of the quilt but neglected to get the oh so cute shot of my son hugging his quilt.  I know I'll have lots more time to document his quilt hug but for right now I'm going to share with you the efforts of my hard work, my labor of love for my son, or should I say my second labor of love....His QUILT!!!!

The pattern used for the quilt was called Piano Keys and can be purchased here.  My sister, mother and I all took the class, with our fabulous teacher and designer, and sister documented our experience here.  I wanted it to be perfect so I did more my research and discovered some wonderful websites and some great tips and completed his quilt with my mom's help.  Yup mom helped me just like she helped my sister.  God Bless you MOM!  

It was a wonderful experience that I'll be repeating soon, but this time it will be pink infused.  You see a brand new beautiful baby is about to be born and I'm hoping to be able to make one for her to celebrate her much anticipated debut.  

So I'm off to my craft room to cut up fabric and to visit youtube for more videos on finishing up the binding.  I'm so excited, stay tuned for pics of more quilts coming soon.  I can't believe it; I'm a quilter!!!!!



Frank said...

Its a beautiful quilt. Great job.

Me said...

Ah thanks esposo mio,love you!

JennyC said...

Yay!!!! Good job, it looks fantastic :) I can't wait to see your other quilt lovies when you make them!

Me said...

Thanks JennyC. I'm so glad you like it b/c I can definitely see a quilt in your future. :)