Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What I've been up to lately....

I've been up to lots of stuff.....

Reading blogs where I've found these gems...

  • Pretzel Dogs, courtesy of Joy the Baker  and they are delicious not to mention super easy to make.  Joy's blog is a definite treat for baked deliciousness as well as these scrumptious treats.  She even has great vegan, no dairy treats as well.

  • Mycakies.blogspot.com....Quote directly taken from her March 2, 2011 Huzzah post...."- This is important. When you blog, have integrity. Be real, be honest, and give credit when it is due."  Rubyellen has four girls and still manages to blog and find time to do her hair and look great in her photos.  I find this a huge feat, as I have one child and I still haven't had my hair done since October.  She's a real mommy who loves her husband, children and God and isn't afraid to say it and stand up for her beliefs.  Love her!!!  I drew inspiration from her post....If you are a blogger out there take responsibility for yourself.  If you get advice from someone mention them, if you re-post something from their site, put in a link and let them know you appreciated their work.  It isn't hard and it shows you are a responsible decent human being.  While I'm aware that many people have the same thought at the same time, its quite ludicrous when someone posts their "new idea" after someone else has either just posted that same idea/comment or delivered their advice.  ARGH, gets me riled up and make me think twice about posting, but Rubyellen's comment really inspired me to continue blogging.  I will continue to be honest and true on my blog (not to mention especially in person) and be sure that my actions and words are a true reflection of me and my beliefs so that I am setting a good example to my son and am pleasing God as well.  For those who wish to provoke and instill anger in my heart, I will be ignoring your veiled comments and pushing on to better things.    

I've also been working hard at the office.  There is always so much to do but I'm learning more and more every day the beauty of going paperless and how it helps all of us, especially me. Being a working mother is harder than I thought but the good Lord will provide me with the strength to keep going.  

My little man celebrated his First Birthday.  Can you believe it...he's one already and it seems as if yesterday I was announcing his arrival to you dear reader.  Thanks for being there for me as I relived an incredible moment in my life.  I'll post details on his first birthday party soon, once I get the pictures uploaded. I delegated the picture taking to my father and brother so I definitely have pictures this time.  

I've been crafting too but as usual I keep forgetting to take pictures of my creations.  Dang it!!!!  Lord help me remember for the future.  

There's more but I'm off to spend more time with mi esposo and my little man. 

Love his smile!


Frank said...

Those pretzel dogs were awesome, I think the dough alone would be good to, as pretzel bread or rolls... Great pic of the little guy! It's one of my favorites.

JennyC said...

I agree with Frank, those pretzel dogs were delish and I am available whenever you'd like to make more.

And thanks for your post in general. Accountability is key for bloggers, creators and everyone really. It's hard reveal your creations and ideas to the world when you're afraid someone will "steal" your idea or pawn it off as their own. Luckily there are so many fantastic bloggers like you that give credit when credit is due.

And love that handsome baby ... I need to bite those cheeks!

Me said...

Thanks so much for the kuddos on the pretzel dogs. I think they are going to be my new go to food for a fun weekend.

Jen, thanks for you kind words. We can only hope that people out there will be real and know to give credit were credit is due and hold them selves accountable for their own accounts.