Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas List by a New Mom

This year my Christmas list is so very, very different from the past, mostly because of my little man and how he has just changed my world in so many wonderful ways!!!! 

Without further ado here is my list, in no particular order of importance....

My little man is enjoying his new teeth so much so that he is eating everything he possibly can get into his mouth and what doesn't make it in to his mouth goes onto my clothes.

Who cares how much is loaded on it as long as its enough for a caffeine jolt so when I get to work I'll be alert. 

Most of the pregnancy weight is off (Thank God!) but there's still a little bit left and this gift will help me change up my routine to get it off and provide my son with a bit of entertainment in the process as he sees his mom trying to copy the hard moves on the screen. 
Makeup is extremely using in disguising dark circles and making me appear more alert. 

Now that my son is standing, we needed to lower his bed so I need a bit of assistance to lay him down whilst not throwing myself in the crib in the process.  This will help us both.
I take pictures of my son but never move them from my SD card so I need a new larger SD Card to help me take more.  I'll get mi esposo to move them for me later. :)

This would be so useful in getting those pictures printed and sharing with the family.

Any type of clothes for the Boy....He's growing so quickly I can't keep up with him. Yesterday the size 12 month onesie that totally fit him just a moment ago is now so very small.

A housekeeper....I'd rather spend my time with my son than cleaning so I'd like someone to stop by and pick up the slack.

A personal chef.....One that cooks healthy Spanish food, if you find her bring her over.

Santa, I've been good this year so please remember me in your travels.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

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Frank said...

Oh man!! I should have checked here before Christmaas, it would have made shopping so much easier! Sorry, I hope you liked the 'other' gifts instead. :) Now where is the birthday party post?