Monday, April 26, 2010

A new addition to the family

Posting has been extremely sparse.....hello anyone out there.....yes I've been busy, very busy you see preparing my family for a new addition. 

Introducing.....Ronald Weasley.....

Ronald weighs about 1 lb 5 ounces but like his namesake can eat like there was no promise of tomorrow.  His doctor shouldn't be surprised when at his next visit in about two weeks he has doubled his weight. 

Kittens are extremely active, not just jumpy, Ron though is hyper, super, super hyper, the second night we had him home I was awakened by the sound of meowing in my ear.  Yes, Ron had climbed up the side of the bed and decided to sleep next to me.  How he climbed at 1 lb 5 ounces up 2 1/2 feet without any fear of falling I have no idea but I'm sure this is just a sign of things to come, I wonder if he'll try to climb up my curtains just to look out the window!

As for my baby, Sox, well at present she is denying his existence and should she be reminded of Ronald's presence she will either hiss, growl or turn her back on him.  I've read it may take a couple of months for her to tolerate him so hopefully come June she won't hiss, if not there's always Christmas.  Please keep us in your prayers.


Frank said...

Little Ron Ron is just adorable! I'm glad he's adjusting well to life at our house. I can't wait to see him all grown up and playing with his sister, Sox. I'm sure she'll come around at some point. :)

Love you!

JennyC said...

Ok, seriously, this little kitty is way too cute! And Sox's picture at the end is priceless :) Cheers to a happy family!