Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Vigil

Saturday I was able to witness and partake in an Easter Vigil ceremony in which 17 people became full faith members of the Catholic Church.  Of the 17 people who were inducted were my nephew and his father.  It’s been some time since I attended an Easter Vigil mass and I had forgotten the beauty of it and the opportunities it presents people of the Catholic faith.  It’s a chance be a witness to the beginning of the faith journey for new members of the church and a chance to renew one’s own faith. 

The Easter Vigil Mass is no ordinary mass and its beginning is remarkable.  You see the Church is shrouded in darkness, still and quiet which can be compared to the tomb of Jesus Christ as all was quiet upon his death.  The mass does not begin in the Church but rather at the foot of the Church’s steps where a bonfire is lit.  A prayer is said by the presiding priest who lights the Easter Candle, a symbol of Jesus our paschal lamb, using the flames of the bonfire.  The priest then takes the Easter Candle and using its flame lights another candle held by a follow of Jesus who in turns lights a candle held by another member of the Church, and so on and so on until finally all those gathered for the Easter Vigil receive the light of Christ.  A procession of lights begins as the priest enters the church holding the Easter Candle followed by the members of the Church holding their candles, the symbol of Jesus who is now illuminating the Church in his glory.  Several readings were read, the creation story, the story of the Israelites exiting from Egypt to the promise land and then after the readings the congregation was witness to the baptismal, communion and confirmation rights for all the members of the RICA.   

It was an amazing sight to behold and I was thrilled to be a part of it, to renew my faith and to encourage my nephew and his father to continue in their faith journey to know God’s love for them.

Here is my newphew, I warned him in advance that I was going to hug him hard, I was just so happy for him. I look like such a shrimp next to him.

And here is the happy family.

God bless You All and Congratuations!


Frank said...

Fantastic Post! The vigil was beautiful and it truly was a renewal of faith. A great opportunity to think about things greater than yourself and to be part of the community in Christ. Thanks for all you did in support! Love you!

JennyC said...

How beautiful! It's been so long that i've attended Easter Vigil as well - thanks for bringing back great memories!

And congrats for Fred & Freddy! God bless them :)

Sara said...

@ Frank
I can't wait to share these photos with the family, thanks for supporting Freddie and taking me to Easter Vigil Mass.

Yes its been a long time, I say next year the whole family should go together!