Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Phanatic - To Infinity and Beyond

The other day I headed over to the library to get my grubby hands on the latest Jodi Piccoult book when I came upon this beauty at the steps of the Free Library of Philadelphia's Central Branch located at 19th & Vine Street.....

Another Phanatic

This time our dear Phanatic is off in search of the new planets and adventures in a galaxy far away.  I can't tell you what I loved the most about this Phanatic...could it have been the great orange-yellow suit?  How about the blue sneakers.

Nope, again its the tail! This time his tail is peaking out the back of his suit! 

I love it! Notice in the background, if you look closely, very closely and be sure its towards the top right you'll see the Franklin Institute, which is right around the corner from the Phanatic.

Do you remember a story when you were little about toys that came to life after everyone was gone.....we'll whose to say the Phanatic doesn't jump off of home plate late at night and head over to the Fels Planetarium Theater to take in Night Skies in the Observatory which takes please every second Thursday of each month in which the Franklin Institute stays open late (6 pm - 9 pm all months expect June & July when its 7 pm -10 pm) and 5 different telescopes are available for everyone to set their sights on celestial objects in the sky provided the conditions are just right, you could see the hottest planet in the Solar System......Venus!

As for me, I never did get my intended book, somehow I found myself in the Sci-Fi section and walked out with a time traveling book all due to my green friend.


Frank said...

Man!! We really need to get out there and snap pictures of all the Phanatics. Maybe we can do it this weekend? This one was interesting, kind of cool that it linked up to the planetarium with the space suit. They should have added some books too since he was out front of the linbrary. Keep posting! Love.

JennyC said...

Lovely post! Thanks for sharing about your Phantic journey. I agree with Frank, you need to snap up as many pics of him as you can - and maybe get in a few yourself! Thanks for sharing about the Fels Planetarium too!