Monday, October 27, 2008

He makes me smile

World, let me introduce you to Noah. Noah, here's the world. Isn't he adorable!
I made him with the help of a "Sew an Elephant" kit from SewingStars who has wonderful softie kits, but beware they sell out fast. Once I saw the kit; I had to have it. I headed over to the website to buy the kits almost every day and each time they were sold out.

Luckily for me, my sister was even more persistent and she even bought me a kit!!! My hubby comes from a
huge family, he’s the last of eight, so I plan on making an elephant and any other softie for the child that's usually born each year. Noah went to my newest nephew. I also made a pink version...

If you have ever visited Sewing Stars ("SS") and seen her pattern you'll be able to tell that mine is slightly off. Somehow I can't seem to make the arms right on my elephants so they always seem as if they are dancing to their own tune. Maybe they are playing the hokey pokey, who knows but at least they look like they are having fun. I couldn't find the same safety eyes that SS used but I did find slightly larger eyes. Not sure if I'm 100% sold on the bigger eye. I think they might look too big but hey she still looks cute and that's what counts. I thought about naming her but if I keep doing that then it will be harder for me to give them away. Good bye Daisy I'll miss you. Dang it she's got a name.

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JennyC.No3 said...

they're both adorable! i know their new owners were in love at first sight :)