Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Wired

I'm wired. I can't sleep; I'm going to work tomorrow and all I can think about is the pile of work and loads of email I have to do. Honestly I did some work tonight late at night so I would feel better about tomorrow. Right now as I type, my cat is giving me dirty looks as if to say "Cut it out and go to bed." My husband is sleeping and I'm posting because I can't sleep. Hmmmmm. Now that I'm awake I recall the words of my not so bright cousin. We saw each other at my niece's birthday party, which incidentally my sister and I make a fantabulous cake for and he caught me texting on my work phone. He inquired about the phone and I said I was working. Yeah, I work a lot, I have a lot to do, I like it. Smart pants said...Is it worth it. And I said yes, but here I am unable to sleep. But then I get to thinking, I'm in my own bed. I can pay the bills for my own house. My cat is up to date on her shots (she's mad I mentioned the vet). I have food in the fridge. I have running water and the heat is on. So yeah, its worth it. I just need to remember to get to bed early and get my mind to stop thinking of work. I'll post later with some pics of some great things I've completed.

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Frank said...

Good thing you mentioned the cat and the Vet! We're almost out of Prozac for the cat!!! We have to re-order.

So sorry you couldn't sleep. I know work is stressful and I hope everything is getting better this week. Whenever I get really down about anything, I just try to remember how blessed I am! My beloved wife, a house to live in, a job and a cat that trips me down the stairs. :)