Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time to start getting creative

In an effort to save my sanity from 24/7 work, I'm taking a page from my crazy sister's book :) and starting a blog about creative things, be it food, cards, painting, anything. Seriously anything to take me away from work. I spend most of my time there and while I'm grateful it gives me a roof over my head I'd like to get away so I don't turn into an ogre and take things out on my wonderful husband and psycho cat, I mean she has enough on her plate already. So without further ado here is my first attempt, the first of many I hope.....

Here is my communion girl lollipop that I made, actually I made quite a few for my niece, Jewel's Communion. It was a hectic week with work, there's that darn W word again, that it didn't allow time for me and Mei-Mei (my sister) to get together and create a fabulous foodie creation, we were going for cupcakes, but there just wasn't any time....so I stole an hr here and and hr there and tada.....lollipops that thrilled the parents, impressed the niece and were eaten in minutes by the children. Here's to creative times again!!!!

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JennyC.No3 said...

I loved them in person - & they were delicious too! I can't wait to see what other creations you have in store for us ... :)