Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is here

Christmas is right around the corner. I'm not done all of the Christmas crafts I had set out to do but I'm going to try and finish up as much as I can before Dec 25th. Its a good thing I started out early or else I wouldn't have anything done.

Hubby and I did setup our Christmas tree. We actually had to run out and buy a new one because the top portion of last years tree wouldn't light up. Luckily Target had one that fit the house and all of the lights are on! My sister, JennyC introduced me to Picnik and I used it to make my photo look like a scene from my childhood. I love it. By the way, that is a real fire in the fireplace. Hubby and I sat by the fire and listened to Christmas music, another moment to celebrate our first year in our new house and a wonderful night to remember going into our second year of marriage.

I had my nieces over one weekend and they helped me make the mantel. I got the idea from a catalog that was selling pre-cut felt mittens with additional pieces to help you personalize them. Not only was the price outrageous but I thought how can you really personalize them when they give you everything. Setting about to make it unique, I went to Michael's craft store and purchase two bell cookie cutters. They were out of mittens. Then the girls and I traced the bells in construction paper, cut them out and gave each a unique design and personalized each with a family members name.

Hubby even got involved in the action and made my dad a hula bell. The girls enjoyed all of the fun and now I have a piece of Family history in my collection of Christmas decorations.

PS Still no pictures from our dinner but at least I remembered to take and post these pics. :)


JennyC.No3 said...

What a beautiful fire! I wish I could have seen it so it looks like you'll have to do a repeat sometime soon when baby and I are over :)

I love the Bell Craft! It is so lovely and I think it looks perfect.

Great job as always!!

Frank said...

I agree with Sister! The fire does look great and the bells were a great addition! More ideas for next year!? And by the way, I think we're going into our 3rd year of marriage, not 2nd.... :) Love you!!

Frank said...

Oh! And the picture is awesome too! Very 1970's or 60's! Looks just like the old pictures in the shoe boxes!