Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sewing Craze

My sister, JennyC revived one of our mother's favorite pastimes with a fury. SEWING! It all started with my baby sister decided to make a stuffed animal by hand for her Baby Bear. Later she decided to make her BB a dress, mostly because she found a sensational koi fish material. We decided to do a family project every so often, baby sister even made a calendar to tell everyone what was due. She likes calendars. We made a cat, pointy kitty actually, and a crocodile. So about five animals we were bit with the sewing buzz, all by hand up until this point. So Baby Sister decides to enroll my mommy and I along with her into a sewing class at Spool. At first I was a bit scared I mean who sews now a days. Most importantly, I didn't want to sew my finger and especially since she enrolled us in a class I didn't want to sew my finger in front of virtual unknowns. I'm glad I did go and tada I made a bag!!!! A big grocery bag that I can take me with shopping or have it filled with all kinds of good stuff, like sewing materials.

Here's the bag!!!! Isn't she cute. Pay no attention to the table, I forgot to clean it in my haste.

The grocery bag is actually reversible, or it will be once I erase the markings I made on the wrong side. Newbie mistake! Spool was great, I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try their hand at sewing.

I already have a couple of new projects lined up. My next project is a lunch bag, which I fell in love with in Sister's book. Jen's already done her bag but I need to finish it. Another Newbie mistake. Hey I plan on keeping this Newbie excuse for at least a year until I figure all of these sewing terms. For example, don't stitch the top. Who knew!

See the bag is ready to go except I sewed it a bit wrong. The insulation is at the top instead of the bottom. The way I have this lunch bag it won't keep anything cold. Since that's its purpose its time to pull out the red removing stitch do-hickey and start over. My mom helped me. :) I might need more help too since I bought some lovely fabric from Jo-Ann's that I can't wait to use.

First I need to finish the bag, then its a softie pattern!!!!! Look out world here I come with my Singer 7442!!!!

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