Friday, August 22, 2008


My sis, JennyC-No.3 and I have been baking and decorating cakes and cookies for so many years now and we've made the move to officially start our own business!!! Sweet Symphonies. I'll have a better intro for our business soon and especially a link to our website very soon. The website is under construction as I'm trying to add as many fabulous pictures of our creations, which brings me to my post today. Reminicing. Once upon a time sister and I were the Bells of the baby shower. We had people calling us from everywhere to create a baby cake for them. Of all the cakes we created, this baby remains my favorite.
Isn't he just delicious. The mom-to-be had pooh themed shower. Our client, her lovely sister wanted a cute baby cake but future mommy was hoping for a pooh bear. Sister and I put our heads together and cake up with Little Mr. Cutie above, a baby dressed up as "Pooh Bear." Our design left everyone overjoyed and they loved his cute little saying "A Honey of a Baby." Not only are we cake designers, somethings we are problem solvers. We had so much fun making him and we can't wait for future babies, cakes that is.

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JennyC.No3 said...

Oh darlin', I'm getting misty eyed over here! We've had so much fun together creating these tasty creations :)

I can't wait for more babies too - from you that is! Hey, I'm your sister so I can say that and get away with it :)