Friday, August 15, 2008


Would you like to try something truly scrumptious? Wouldn't you like to try a delectable piece of apple pie at the office but would rather not have the huge mess or the calories? Then look no further and grab a box of these delicious fruit crisps. My mother gave me a sample of one of these delightful treats and hubby and I love them!!!
To look at them one would think, only 100 calories, can't be good and that certain someone would be wrong. Should you run into one of these so called disbelievers, snatch the crisps from them and gobble them yourself. They don't deserve them. I've only tried the Apple fruit crisps but I hear there is also Berry, which may prove to be elusive as I've yet to locate them. Hubby and I have just opened the box and I'm already placing it on our grocery list. If there was only one left I would feel compelled to hide it from Hubby. Sad but true; to keep myself on the straight and narrow I need to buy more.

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