Sunday, February 28, 2010

My First Niece is 10!

I wanted to write a post about how I waited for my first niece to be born but my dear niece decided rather than revisiting the past, she wanted to collaborate with me and create her own post for her tenth birthday.  Yes, her tenth birthday, she's now in double digits.  Where did the time go?  How did she get to be so big so soon and when did it happen.  I can remember changing her diaper, feeding her, trying to burp her but I could never do it right, I couldn't bring myself to thump her hard enough on her back.    Here we are today; she's ten!  Her little sister can't believe her older sister is ten years old! WOW!

I still wanted to write about the time that I was in the hospital waiting room ten years ago when I met so many people as I waited for her to be born but she said no again.  Instead she wants to write about the things she likes now and what we did together to celebrate her birthday. 

Here is my first niece's likes at age 10!

Favorite Food = Tostones (Fried Bananas), Pernil (Pork) and Empanadas
Favoirte Movie Star = Selena Gomez
Favorite Color = Purple
Favorite Song = More by Selena Gomez
Favorite Movie = Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie
Favorite Book = Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Favorite Place to Go for Dinner = Chick Fil A
Favorite Things to Do = Cooking and Baking

Here is her favorite picture of herself from my collection.

Here is my favorite picture of her from the same collection. 

 I made her this cool bag for her last birthday and she loved it. 

I should mention that I was privileged to have held a sleepover at my house for my niece and her younger sister yesterday.  We had a blast!  I helped her as she put the finishing touches on her birthday cake, which my sister and I had started earlier in the day.  Mi esposo made her really good soup (in her own words) which she and her sister requested.  We had ice cream, watched a movie in bed, R. L. Stine's Mostly Ghostly, and then fell fast asleep.  

Today we all celebrated her birthday by going to church and then headed to a special place for breakfast.

She surprised me with something though, she said to me she couldn't wait for me to be a mom. She thinks it would be wierd and cool at the same time to see me with my own child.  When I asked why she said "It would be weird because you couldn't give the baby away to someone since it would be yours and it would be cool because you could raise the baby the way you want and I would be able to babysit for you." 

I must say she has become such a smart and funny girl!  Wise beyond years, right!

Happy Birthday Darling!  I love you very much!!!!!!


JennyC said...

Oh, our sweet girl. I can't believe she's 10! She has grown up to be such an intelligent, wise, beautiful young lady. Time few by! I'm so happy we were able to share her 10th birthday with her and priviliged we've been able to share our lives with her. You made me tear up with your last statement from her. So beautiful, our little Adriana. Happy Birthday, love. And by the way, i'm *so* jealous I couldn't join in on the sleepover fun :)

Awilda said...

Wow what a wonderful post! I love it!! The girls did have a wonderful time at the sleepover and can't wait to do it again! Hopefully soon their baby sister can join (not too soon though teehee). They send their love! XOXOX