Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sister's Baby is Three

Today my sister's baby turns three.  Three years old, how can this be?!?!?  Where did the time go and how come she is still a skinny runt?

BB at Christmas time with her three favorite things, her pacifier, Walle and a pumpkin

Dear readers would you like to go back in time with me....back to the day she was born when I missed her birth, yes let's recount this blessed day.....

So here's how it happened that i missed the birth of my niece, this joyous occasion that we had been waiting for since my little sister told me she was going to have a baby.

I wasn't supposed to be in the room.

I need you to know that because if I had known I was going to be in the room I would have been prepared.  I would have at least eaten dinner, a snack and done research on-line as to what to expect.  I would have asked mother's about their experience and if anyone had informed me of the climate of the room I would have worn a bathing suit.

I can't recall how we ended up at the hospital only that my husband and I, recently married couple (about 3 months) found ourselves in the waiting room with my little cousin who had two boys of her own. She had been through labor and knew the drill so when you think of it she could have given me a warning no such luck.  Mi esposo, cousin and I waited for what felt like hours, sending text messages to my mom, who with her hubby was with sister, to check on how everyone was and receiving text messages letting us know that sister was doing fine but that it would be a while. Mi esposo, cousin and I settled in and waited, waited, waited and waited then we got hungry. Our nerves were rattled and our bellies were rumbling for food so we ordered a little something, and settled in for another long stretch of waiting.

Again, my memory is cloudy so I can't recall how it happened, whether I was summoned, personally escorted or I meddled my way to my destination but I ended up in the birthing room to check on sister.  Just to check on sister mind you as I wasn't supposed to be there for the birth.  Only my mother and sister's husband were to witness this blessed event. I on the other hand, was supposed to wait in the waiting room until after the birth when I would be presented with a clean child for me to view as my newest niece.  I would like to mention also for understanding sake that I don't have any children so I've never experienced childbirth before only in movies.

Movies lie.

I walked into the birthing room, saw little sister who was in so much paint, told her not to worry, stroked her brow adjusted her oxygen mask since the doctors said it would be helpful for her to have one and then talked to mom when sister's doctor walked in and told her to start pushing and push she did.

Before I knew it I ended up staying in the room, encouraging my sister to push. I remember being stuck in between the top of the bed at my sister's head, supposedly monitoring the breathing mask but if I recall correctly I did little to help poor sister with the mask as it was definitely askew on her cute pained face. Sister's hubby, who was next to me, was holding onto my sister for dear life counting with me to get her to ten as she pushed to get that little bugger out. Poor baby was in so much pain, the tears were rolling from her eyes and all I could do was count.  Afterwards Sister informed me she never wanted to hear me count to ten again in her lifetime. 

I began to sweat profusely, partly from my sister's hubby who is so much like a furnace that the heat pouring from his body in addition to the super heat lamps which they had magically installed above sister's bed to shine down on her so the doctor would be able to see everything. The combination of the heat and the brightness of the lights became unbearable as it continued to burn our skin and eyes relentlessly. It was as if the doctors thought the newborn would be born in Alaska somehow and the extra light and heat were desperately needed to see and warm the newborn instantly. I think it was overkill by the hospital.

As we kept counting the lights continued their torture, boring into your souls, deep into the pit of our empty stomachs, mostly mine. I recalled my dinner had arrived moments before I ended up in the room, an uneaten sandwich waiting for me as I thought I would just pop in to say hi and then head back out and munch away. I wondered if my husband and cousin had most likely nibbled on it due to their nerves. I began to get thirsty counting over and over again, the heat began to climb, the lights became hotter and hotter and there was an odd smell in the room, possibly fear which may have been emanating from sister's hubby. All at once I felt the pain come at my temples, the heat, the lack of food, the nervousness had brought on a migraine at such a time. When the doctor took a break letting Jenny breath, I stumbled to the bathroom, not even turning on the light and enclosed myself in the dark room took a couple of breaths to calm the beating at my temples.

After a couple of minutes I heard it.

A baby cried, a big and hearty cry while I was in the bathroom rubbing my temples.

I missed it.

I wasn't supposed to be there but I missed it.

I walked out of the bathroom, pale, sweaty and sad until the moment BB was placed in my arms.

I was given this most precious gift to hold in the first moments after she was born.

And she was clean and the lights were turned off!!!!! It was a miracle!!!!!

I held madam BB, said hello to her and stroked her head all the while watching her move her strawberry colored tongue as if to say, hey can you do this to?

It was precious. I will always remember BB's birth and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Happy Birthday, BB!


Frank said...

Such a beautiful story! Who would have ever thougth that Little Miss Gets My Way would be turning 3 so fast! Happy Birzday BB!

JennyC said...

My dear darling sister ... that was beautiful! Thank you for writing your experience and letting us know the good and the bad. I'm sorry we couldn't have researched this properly before I went in, cause let me tell you, it would have been nice for me to know too what was ahead. Happy Birthday, my love :)

grandma said...

What a wonderful story you have for when she grows up. She is beautiful and spunky just like in her moms belly, God bless her.