Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

This weekend mi esposo and I spent some much needed quality time together. During the week we are often rushing to work, coming back home so late, we eat dinner and then fall asleep.  This weekend we watched movies, made dinner together, and had a lovely time.  We live in a single home so often I feel we are on an island, an isolated island with no one in sight for miles and I can't imagine anyone else I would want on the island with me.

For Valentine's Day I had to think of the perfect gift for him.  What would a man who has everything need?  By everything I mean his favorite movies, The Goonies, The Wedding Singer and Space Camp on DVD not to mention a Zune player that plays all his tunes and his latest gift the Droid phone which he absolutely loves.

What comes to mind...we'll mi esposo's place of employment has gone batty, after many layoffs at his job, which thankfully he survived each layoff decision, the crazy employers decided the next best way to save money besides not giving a cost of living raise would be to discontinue coffee and tea for all of the employees.  Such a shame really and such a stupid move by the employer (what a way to show your employees how much you don't care about them).  So I bought mi esposo the gift of his dreams.....A Keurig mini-brewer, yes ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes on this baby.

Now mi esposo will be able to brew himself a perfect cup of coffee whenever he feels like it.  I even got him mini-moos so he won't have to buy milk to make the perfect cup at his desk whenever he feels the urge to caffeinate himself.  Yes, hubby was happy.

As for myself, my husband bought me a beautiful ring.

The above image was taken from the James Avery website.  Its beautiful and so different, I've never had a garnet stone and I am a bit intimidated by the stone as the helpful instructions that arrived with the gorgeous ring stated more or less to be careful as the stone is delicate.

Delicate and I do not necessarily mix, my poor opal ring died after about a month with me due to excessive force, I believe I had hit my hand against the floor when I fell once upon a time.  Have I mentioned I'm a klutz, I can trip over my own feet with the best of them. Now that I'm older and much wiser I'll be sure to use caution when wearing my gorgeous garnet ring.

I do feel bad for my hubby though, I do like the garnet stone but I think I'm going to need earrings to match. Hubby if you are reading this just know that I'll always keep those Keurig cups coming so you'll always have coffee.  This isn't bribery, just a fact. :) 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


JennyC said...

I'm so glad you and your love bug had a well deserved love staycation. The ring is gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in person! Happy Valentine's Day, love :)

Sara said...

Thank you my dear, happy Valentine's Day to you too and I can't wait to see you its been so loooooooong! This snow has just been yucky to keep our families apart, I bet all of the girls have grown inches since I last saw them.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! Happy Belated V-Day!

Sara said...

Happy Belated V-Day to you too Anonymous!

Frank said...

Valentines Day was great and I love my gift! I'm making coffee everyday now and saving money. Now all I need is a personal Donut/bagel maker and I'm all set! Love you!