Monday, February 8, 2010

We'll Miss You Walle

Sunday, mi esposo and I spent another fun day with Walle.  While we let Walle and Sox sleep in we dug ourselves out from the snow.

Crooked picture is due to back strain from shoveling the areas the snow blower couldn't reach.  This time mi esposo and I made a plan of attack the night before and decided we'd tackle the trouble areas first and then do the easy parts.  After only 3 hours, we successfully moved the snow from the driveway and were able to get the car out on the road.  To celebrate we took Walle out to eat, but first we had to wake him up.  Apparently Walle sleeps in which was just fine with Madam Sox, but she didn't care too much on being woken from her beauty sleep at 12 pm, she's usually awake by 3 pm at the earliest, notice her expression of indifference in the photo below. 

Sox declinded the car ride, she gets motion sickness, so Walle, mi esposo and I headed out on the road.
Walle was sure excited to get outside especially after being cooped up in the house. 

First up was a pit stop to fuel up the car and recharge Walle.

Luckily for Walle, he received direct sun and finished recharing as soon as the car finished refueling.  Our next stop was none other than Pei Wei.  Walle couldn't decide what he wanted for lunch until the kind waitress suggested something from the Kid's menu.  This made him remember BB and as he was still missing BB something fierce he decided on Won Ton Soup, one of BB's favorites.

While we waited Walle checked out everything in the restaurant, he was particularly fond of the gift cards. 

Once our food was ready we headed home to watch a movie, Space Camp, how approriate no :), and then did some crafts for BB's upcoming Birthday.  Walle helped with the design, I'll show you a glimpse with Walle's help but the finished project won't be up until after BB's birthday to surprise her mom, my sister.  I know she will definitely get a kick out of it. 

Walle it was a pleasure to have you over for the weekend and we are so sorry to see you go.  Make sure you come back again with BB so you won't miss her so much.  Sox will miss you too even though she'll never let you hear you say it. 


JennyC said...

Oh my, he looks like he had a lot of fun! He most definitely got out more then I did this weekend :). Thanks for both taking care of him and returning him as well!

Frank said...

WallE was a great house guest. And I'm sure he's thankful for being back to his BB where he belongs. I think Sox may be missing him, she was getting used to having him around...

Sara said...

Yes he had fun and hopefully you can all come over very soon!

Sox liked him because he didn't bother her. If it benefits Madam then she's on board with it.