Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family Visitor

This weekend we were housebound, not by choice, a wonderful storm blew on by and dropped over 20 inches of snow on our front and back door.  Luckily mi esposo and I had a visitor this weekend and he was a welcome addition to the family.

First we decided to sleep in and thought, sure we'll clean off the snow at 10 am just like last time, but when we awoke, boy were we in for a surprise!

Over 16 inches of snow had landed and just kept on coming.  Walle was so excited he started spinning around and around with pure delight.

Even thought I told him too much had fallen on the ground to play in Walle pleaded with us to go outside.  So off he went , launched himself in the snow and was stuck!.  Yup just a bit too much eh Walle.  So mi esposo and I scooped him up and gave him a little sip of coffee to warm up.

Coffee made Walle think of cookies so we embarked on a cookie making fest. After some research on the web, we decided on a couple of recipes from Confessions of a Serial Baker, a new favorite blog of mine.  We decided on the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, the Oatmeal, White Chocolate, Cranberry Cookies and then headed over to Williams and Sonoma's for the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies I made for last year's cookie swap. Walle was a great helper, he read the recipe while I gathered the ingredients.

Walle was great fun in the kitchen, he even helped me measure out the Macadamia Nuts. 

Our first batch was in the oven and we couldn't wait to taste them.  The first bite was heaven, wasn't it Walle.  Scrumptious!

We had so much fund that we made over six dozen cookies.  Good job Walle!

Cookie baking was a great success but poor Walle began to get homesick for his owner BB. Sox decided to show Walle the house and introduce him to all of her hiding places.

I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen from our cookie fest, and went looking for the two new best friends and found them about an hour later, sitting in front of the fireplace.  

"Don't you worry Walle, you'll be home to BB in no time and tomorrow we'll sit in front of the fire and take a nap, it'll be fun you'll see."


Frank said...

If only WllE was bigger, he could have loaded that snow and made un an igloo for tha back yard. It would have meant no snow blowing or shoveling for us! We did have a good time though and I can't wait to see the other pictures posted from our time with WallE.

JennyC said...

I LOVE the pictures and your story about how the day went. Thanks for sharing it with us :) And Frank is right, if he was bigger ice igloos would have been all over your yard.