Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Celebrations

Productive, that's a good word I could use to describe this past weekend. On Friday my family celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday, number 39, which I have good reason to believe next year's party will be a celebration of his 39th again.  Great fun was had by all and we gobbled up lots of food from the BBQ.

On Saturday we celebrated my brother's 38th birthday and yet again great fun was had by all and we devoured more BBQ food.

Sunday brought a lovely Mother's Day and again we celebrated with BBQ food.

This pattern has revealed to me that we are a bunch of carnivores, happy yes but carnivores just the same.  If my whole family was locked in a room unable to escape with a BBQ grill and a propane tank with only enough gas to cook one meal, I wonder which one of us we would eat first. Hmmmm....I'm scared it might be me.  Seriously thought there is another pattern to decipher from the above that would be our celebrations, how we always come together as a family to celebrate one another and to thank God above for bringing and keeping us all together.

In honor of Mother's Day, I present you with this picture of my Goddaughter, I have two but I think the oldest one would kill me if I posted a silly picture of her so here is a silly picture of Sister's BB.

Yes I am aware the photo was taken from a Christmas long ago but its a Mother's Day Treat and I'm posting it because I said so.  When you start a blog of your own you can do what you like. :)  Spoken like a true mother right ladies!!!

Happy Belated Mother's Day!  Thanks mom for helping to keep me alive when I was younger no matter how many scrapes I got into. She has the doctor's bill for butterfly stitches to prove it.


JennyC said...

Hahaha, i LOVE that picture of BB :) And yes, if you'd posted one of Adri looking silly i'm sure she wouldn't be too pleased :).

Happy Mother's day to you too, darling, and thank you for being a wonderful Godmother to BB!

Oh, and we'd totally eat you first.

Awilda said...

Nice post my dear! but I'm sure my girl would of loved a picture of her on your post as well and it need not be silly as I'm sure you have plenty of lovely pictures of my girls ;)and after all she is your first Goddaughter!