Saturday, May 22, 2010

Would you have stayed around afterwards?

The Good Wife - Spoiler Alerts!

In the final scenes of the Unplugged episode of the Good Wife, the decision was made regarding the Junior Associate Position….would it be Alicia or Cary.

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The episode began with the discovery of a hole in the conference room wall, caused by the replacement of the law firm’s sign. The receptionist told Alicia and Cary’s assistant about this discovery, who promptly went to the conference wall and overheard a golden nugget of information that the Jr. Associate position was going to be decided upon.  

The assistant runs to tell Alicia, but Alicia upon finding an unwelcome visitor in her office, which should have been denied access by her assistant but said assistant was out snooping instead, turns the assistant away. After receiving the brush off from Alicia, the assistant runs to tell Cary. Later, Alicia asks the assistant what she needed to speak to her about but the assistant says nothing and never reveals her secret. Instead Alicia finds out from Kalinda that her assistant was aware of the secret, had never mentioned it to her but had alerted Cary who was been campaigning to every partner in the office to put in a good word for him.  Cary spoke to Will regarding his future at the firm and Alicia has a discussion with Diane who informs Alicia to take advantage of her position.  Alicia then heads over to Eli to ask for help to ask his clients to move their business to her law firm.  Alicia begins to leave stating she changed her mind and didn't want his help because she isn't the type of person to do such a thing, but Eli replies "everyone is that person."  Hmmmm....

At the end of the episode Alicia and Cary are called down by the Partners, once they arrive Alicia is called first to which Cary states to her the first are always the first to be let go.  Cary sits back and smiles assuming he's won, but we all know what happens when we assume don't we.....Alicia enters the room and is surprised to find that instead of heading to the unemployment office the next day she'll be reporting to work.  Diane and Will then ask Alicia to send in Cary.  Alicia sends him in and then waits, yes she waits outside knowing all the while that Cary is hearing the "sorry we can't keep you speech" and waits for him to leave.

I don't think I could have waited and celebrated my triumph so soon especially at the expense of Cary.  I would have gone back to my office or hightailed it out of there and ran home to celebrate with my family, but I can understand why she stayed.  She stayed to take a stand against someone who didn't think she could make it, to prove to herself that she could.

It's Alicia's time now and this is just the beginning. 

I do love this show.

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JennyC said...

I agree, I don't think I would have stayed. I think poor Alicia is in for more than she bargained for from both Eli and Cary ...