Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Last Saturday Ron had his second check-up with the Vet.  He's gained weight and is up from 1 lb, 5 ounces to l lb, 9 ounces.  Dr. announced he had a clean bill of health, is doing great and can't wait to see him again to witness his continued improvements. Sox still doesn't like poor Ronald and continues to hiss at him by the door.  Upon occasion she'll growl when she notices his itty bitty feet sticking out from under the door.  In Sox's defense, little Ronald might be trying to slap his sister so I can see why she'd be upset and it looks weird to her I'm sure.  It looks weird to me to see those legs sticking out from under the door.

Today, I took Ronald out of the bedroom and brought him to my craft room, more on that later, to give him a change of scenery.  Turns out I forgot to close the door and Madam Sox took advantage of this misstep, entered the bedroom and proceeded to eat all of his food without the slightest bit of shame. We have hope thought, we've all been together 2 weeks and 5 days and still going strong.  By Christmas, yes Christmas time hopefully we'll be one big happy family. 

As to my sewing room, I reorganized it.  Summer is here and I needed to take advantage of the sun coming into my window. 

Notice how much light is pouring through the window, the one I need to make a curtain for, just lovely don't you think so.   I need another outlet in the room (oh daddy, did you hear that, please) and time to create in here.  I have a couple of projects going on as you can see from above.  The first is an update to the Heather Ross' bag I had mentioned before.  Its hanging off the left hand side of the chair.   The second project is on the cutting board, cut and pinned just waiting to be sewing together.   I re-purposed an old bookshelf for fabric storage and am using a folding chair for my sewing chair.  Next shopping list I need to find a comfortable chair!  This weekend I'll be moving my idea board close to my station and viola, I'm ready to go, speaking of which I'm off to create a couple more bags.  Ciao!

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JennyC said...

Good news on all fronts! I can't wait to see little Ron and your newly updated room in person :)