Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Swap Day at Christmas Time

Last Sunday our family experienced a new tradition...."Cookie Swap!" organized by this little lady, my SIL.

Her new glasses are just too cool!

Saturday I made not one but two types of cookies, Mint Delights, shown in a photo way below, and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Williams and Sonoma.

The Chocolate Chip Crinkles came out wonderfully, a beautiful replica of the Williams and Sonoma cookies wouldn't you say although they are just a bit smaller than those featured in the photo by W&S.  I decided to use a teaspoon scoop rather than a tablespoon scoop so that the cookies would be bite size treats.  I'm happy to report that they were a hit and gobbled by all.  Mi esposo even brought them to his office to enjoy with his co-workers.   At least I think he shared. :)

Also featured at the Cookie Swap were the following fabulous delicious treats...

Mint Delights (top left), Chocolate Crinkles Cookies (top middle)
and Mini Cherry Pies (bottom right) by SIL which she found on Bakerella's website.
They were delicious!

Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Mmmm Mmmm Good!

SIL's Confetti Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies - great with Coffee!

and Sister's Peppermint Bark which was incredible!

Here is sister sharing her Peppermint Bark with SIL's eldest, I can't believe what a big girl she is now.

And here I am eating up the cookies with the baby of the family.

 We all had a lovely time and I believe we'll be cookie swapping again in the near future.


Awilda said...

It was so much fun. We all had a great time and your cookies were good and so were Jenny's peppermint barks. We should definitely do it again!

The Phantom Moon said...

I had a great time too! I'm glad you guys liked the Bark (I know my belly has been enjoying it every night since thanks to the reject pile :).

I had fun making it again the next time with the girls but unfortunately I forgot to take pics. There's always next time!!

Sara said...

It was definitely a great time. Next year we should get the guys to bake too.