Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Planning - Part 2

Christmas Cards....all but just a couple to go....

Gifts purchased.....Check

Gifts wrapped....Check....oh wait, I forgot to buy a couple of gifts, dang it...okay, adjust plan....

Schecule my next shopping outing....Check

Decorate progress, tree is up and decorated, banister is done, window decorations may need adjustments.  You see mi esposo put up two wreaths but it seems kitty keeps trying to eat them and the tape securing them.  We may need to adjust the window decorations, and I still need to deocrate the mantle and finish my garland decoration.

Cookie Swap.....I'm set to bake this Saturday, but the question is what should I make? 

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Williams & Sonoma

or these

Double Dark Mocha Drops from King Arthur's Flour Company

Don't they both look delicious!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow and let you know what I decided to create and devour!


frank said...

They both look good! Make as much as you can because me and Santa loves cookies!

Awilda said...

hi titi Sara it's adriana.i think you should do the first picture, the Crinkle Cookies they look very cool and delicious.

Awilda said...

Don't worry Sara I didn't let adriana read the whole blog, just the part about the cookies! Don't want her to think Santa went MIA during the Holidays! :)

BTW I agree with Frank! ;)