Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the Fall season, watching the leaves change to a bright red and vibrant gold, cuddling with a loved one as the weather changes and most especially when we celebrate Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.   Now before you think my love for Thanksgiving is due to the scrumptious meal devoured in our household think again, okay so maybe that's part of it, but its more than that.  Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate everything we take for granted which was bestowed to us as a gift from God. 

First on my list of thanks to God is for mi esposo....Three years ago this week I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my fiance and then the very next day he became my husband.  I often look back and think "Why didn't we get married sooner?" Yup, he is that much fun to be around. 

My family of course comes next, all of my nieces and nephews (over 20+) have each taught me valuable lessons.  First lesson, wear them out if you want them to go to bed and second, don't ever let them see you tired, they jump right on you.  This year hubby and I are spending breakfast together, and then lunch and dinner with our families and we are hoping to see as many family members as possible. I'm charing my battery to take pictures because kids grow up quick and you never know when you can take that candid shot that becomes a lifelong memory. 

Next up on my list is my baby, Sox, who had a run in with a ribbon, long story, short one is she had a small operation and now she's back home, to the joy of the Vet and Vet-techs, and is doing just wonderful.  See she's back to contorting herself on the sofa.  Notice the pink belly.

Oh and a huge, thank you Lord that my class is over, I passed my final as well as the many tests sent my way and next up is the bigger test.  Wish me luck and Lord please help me to stay focused to pass the next part, you know I need that. 

Happy Thanksgiving everybody and don't forget to recognize all the wonderful gifts God has given you.


The Phantom Moon said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! I'm so happy to have you and Frank in our lives and I can't wait to celebrate 100 more Thanksgivings together ;) Love you and kisses to Kitty - hope she gets better soon!

Sara said...

Kitty is doing marvelously! She is back to hissing and jumping on the table. Ribbon removal was a success and the healing project is wonderfully on its way! Her belly looks too cute.