Monday, November 2, 2009

checking in...

Still in study mode but I've managed to get up for air to work on some crafts and have some fun especially for Halloween. 

Quick recap of the weekend, Saturday mi esposo and I decorated and cleaned our house in record time and cooked for the goblins on my side who came over for dinner and candy.  Dinner was a Mexican theme, mostly as it was quick and easy. Tacos were warming in the oven, the meat was cooked to perfection and a full fixings table was laid out so everyone could fill their taco to their taste.  We even served cups of Tortilla Soup to warm everyone up from the cold, raining weather.  Knowing the kiddies may not like Tacos so much we picked up Perdue chicken fingers, a recommendation to anyone out there for kids.  At the end of the night we watched the Corpse Bride and everyone left with a tasty boo treat. 

Instructions on the treats can be found on Betty Crocker's website. 

After several attemps I was finally able to master them, notice the happy goblin on the first cake server to the left.  Doesn't he look happy to boo!  As for my first attempt, that would be the guy in the middle who melted so, that his eyes fell down his head, and his boo was lost in the cake.  To be honest, no one's eaten him just yet and I doubt anyone will, poor thing.

Sunday mi esposo and I did our own study time, esposo in the basement on the computer, me upstairs on the kitchen table with my book.  Every so often we would yell "Hey are you hungry?  Want something to eat? Are you thirtsty?  Is it Tea Time?  Want to go for a Walk?  Done yet? Sorry honey, I ate all those cookies my mom brought us I just didn't realize it."  Okay so that was mostly me, especially the last one but hey they were good cookies.

Now that October is over and we are on to November which means Thanksgiving time!!!!!!!!  Turkey, apple pie, mixed rice, glazed carrots....I can't wait!


ThePhantomMoon said...

The cupcakes were delicious! Thanks for having us :)

Sara said...

I'm so glad you liked them. Thanks for coming over and being my trick-or-treaters!