Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I learned on my vacation.

Its Friday.

Around this same time last Friday I was in PEI with my hubby lying on the beach getting a tan.

We were relaxing, no worries on our mind. It was glorious! Now we are back at work. I did make it through the week and it wasn't so bad. I had several significant projects where were successfully completed. I must admit though I was distracted. Images would flash through my mind....

of the peaceful places we visited.........

recalling all the farms and the bales of wheat we passed......

I laughed to myself thinking of how I had waved to the cows and the horses that we passed by on our travels while my husband smiled at me.

I didn't want to leave and no one could blame me. It was the first time in almost three years that my dear husband and I were on a true vacation. It was blissful, nothing but peace and quiet for us both and nothing to worry about at work.

Did we miss our family? Of course we missed them. We missed them dearly and often we would say "Your mom would love this," "Look Lumber!" (family joke), "Imagine how much fun our nieces and nephews would have had at the beach." Our most frequently uttered line, "Next time when we come with the family...." See we missed them.

But I loved our time together and I just now realized why.

While we were away in another country, our phones were turned off and we had no contact with anyone. We survived because we had each other.

We laughed together, we got lost together, we found our way together, and we had fun together.

Its funny because there are people now in both of our lives who are planning their weddings, large elaborate weddings, and small, intimate weddings. We have both heard how the bride and groom and their respective families want things a certain way and the fights that have been had and I'm reminded of something my husband said to me..."It isn't the wedding that they should be concerned about, its the marriage, its afterwards."

He's right. My darling husband is so right!

Are we experts? Far from it, but here we are almost 3 years later and still laughing, smiling, discussing :), vacationing and in love....just the two of and my husband.

Frank, Thank you for a wonderful vacation that has given me so many wonderful memories, it was a dream come true for a little girl who read Anne and ended up finding her very own Gilbert.

Love you!


Frank said...

It was a glorious time! I still think it's amazing that we drove all the way to Canada and back. Pretty good for two people who still can't get to the Deptford Mall in New Jersey without getting lost. :) Visiting PEI was great and I can't wait until our next adventure, of course our greatest adventure is our life together. As long as we have each other, it won't matter where we go, it will always be home. Love you!

ThePhantomMoon said...

I wanted to say so much about how we missed you but Frank summed it up ... how the heck did you make it to Canada and you still can't get to Deptford NJ?! God bless you two :)