Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today Hubby and I had a fabulous breakfast prepared by our inn-keeper. There were mounds of freshly made French Toast, Bacon cooked to perfection, eight juices to choose from and freshly made blue berry banana bread. We were in heaven.

After our delicious breakfast we headed to Avonlea and were transported back to the days of Anne. Just imagine for me if you will, hopefully you've read the books or been made to watch the movies by your sister (you hear me Jenny) and close your eyes. Can you remember it. Now open them and tell me doesn't this look like Avonlea? Can't you just feel it.

Church and the Manse (the home of the preacher)

We entered Avonlea through the train station. If you are at all familiar with the story you'll realize that the train station is where Anne meets Matthew Cuthbert. Dear Matthew was her first kindred spirit in the land of Avonlea.

The days activities in Avonlea began bright and early at 10 am and continued until 5:00 pm. Wouldn't you like that work day. Throughout the day we were treated to scenes from the Anne of Green Gables books. When Hubby and I arrived we were able to see the first time Marilla met Anne. Oh how she cried when Marilla stated they couldn't keep her as she wasn't the boy they had sent for. Poor Anne! Later we were treated to Anne's first day of school where she first encountered Gilbert Blythe. "Carrots" he called her when she wouldn't pay attention to him. Well that name caught her attention all right as she took her slate and brought it clean down on his head! It was great!!!!

Diana, Anne and Gilbert as Gilbert apologizes to Anne for calling her Carrots.

The whole town broke for lunch and Frank surprised me with a picnic basket for our lunch. Our picnic basket, prepared by our wonderful inn-keeper, featured home baked bread, raspberry cordial, fresh fruit, cheese and meats for sandwiches, and homemade mini pecan pies. Ooh la la, as the french say "Tres Manifique!"

Frank and our Picnic Basket

Have I mentioned I married a wonderful man! Wait it gets better, you see we were able to have our picture done and partake in the Avonlea festivities. See....

Don't we look cute.

We were even able to stay to witness the marriage of Anne and Gilbert. It was a lovely service and there were many a teary eyed girl in the audience.

The day ended at Avonlea with a pig race. Yup, I said pig race. There were four piggies that ran the race, the one up front with the green dot is Wilbur. He was my pick. He didn't win. Hubby's pick Spotty, the red pig behind snuck up and I'm sure bit Wilbur in the leg so he won. Cheater.

That's all for tonight in Prince Edward Island. Tomorrow we are visiting Cavendish and the beaches!!!


ThePhantomMoon said...

My darling, I love the photo of you and Frank in your Avonlea gear ... I laughed so hard that my neighbors peered over my cube wall to see what was so funny. Seriously, you both look adorable and would have totally fit in back then. I'm sure you and Anne would have been bosom friends!

As for the losing piggy, I'm sure he tasted wonderful at breakfast the next morning :)

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! are u in customs in the wagon.

love adriana,grandma