Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kindred Spirits

When I was little my mother bought me a set of books by L. M. Montgomery called the Anne of Green Gables series. It was over eight books that told the story of a red-headed, feisty orphan who blossomed into a wonderful woman. I love those books and read them to this day. Somewhere in my mother’s photo albums is a picture of me reading the first book, Anne of Green Gables when I was in fifth grade, which I still have in my collection.

Anne was a spirited girl who loved to learn new things and would get caught up in her imagination. I love her dearly. She led me into a world of wonder and I will always treasure her story.

Today I am writing this post from Cavendish in Prince Edward Island (the place in which the Anne story is set in) thanks to my wonderful husband! My husband is a caring and wonderful person, he’s selfless and a champion of mine. He has traveled over 1,000 miles to bring me to my childhood dream, Anne of Green Gables home. He is my soul-mate, my kindred spirit.

Hubby and I after 12+hrs of driving

When we were dating, he would stop by my house and we would watch TV, play cards with mom or just hang out with the family. Once I made him watch the Anne of Green Gables movie on DVD. Jenny, my fabulous sister, bought me the DVD as a present, since I had worn the VHS tapes out. As we were watching the movie, Hubby recalled watching the show when he was little on PBS when he was ten thanks to his father. Hubby's dad made him watch TV he deemed "quality TV." His dad also made him read literature during the summer vacation and encouraged verbal book reports at the end of each reading. Plus there were word quizzes Hubby was subjected to by his dad all in an attempt to educate him. His father succeeded in my book, because he knew Anne. Who cared about the word quizzes. :)

I had never told Hubby of my love for Anne. I should have known then that I would marry him one day.

Hubby and I traveled through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, (stayed in Bangor, Maine overnight and even sat in Tabitha King's booth at a pub for dinner) then passed the Canadian Border into New Brunswick, over the Confederation Bridge and finally into Prince Edward Island (PEI)!

The Confederation Bridge is over 4 miles long.

Once in PEI, we checked into our inn and relaxed after such a long drive.

I promise I'll post more later but I'm off with my hubby for hot chocolate chip cookies and tea made by our inn-keeper.


ThePhantomMoon said...

Oh my, hot chocolate chip cookies? I'm so jealous :) You and Frank and most definitely made for each other and I'm so happy that you're both able to enjoy this incredible journey together. Pls continue to blog about your trip! I can't wait to hear what's next ... :)

Frank said...

This Bridge cost nothing to get onto the Island but when you leave, they charge $42.50 Canadian. Even with the exchange rate it's a huge sum of money to cross a bridge and we didn't have enough Candadian Dollars left so we had to use our precious American Dollars instead with no exchange!!