Tuesday, July 7, 2009


An 8 GB memory card is gleefully capturing moments of my family having a ball or getting in trouble, other fun events and some spectacular projects I’ve been making, whenever I remember to take a photo.

Trouble is I haven’t uploaded a third of these files to my computer to print them out or post them to my blog.

I keep saying I’ll do it tonight, tomorrow, in the morning, at lunch, sometime soon. I’ll even get on the computer, log-on to the website to upload them to either print out the pictures for display in my house, or make a scrapbook page but then I find one of these photos. I'll stop for a second and smile.

This is BB; yes I have other nieces and nephews but I haven’t yet obtained their parent’s consent to post them as of yet. Yup I make them sign a release form. :) not really. See, isn’t she cute, isn’t she funny, don’t you forget what it is that you were reading when you look at her photo. So I'll keep scrolling through my photos and discover yet another gem …

Well my finger stalls above the mouse button and I can’t click print. You see dear Reader, this was BB, but BB looks bigger and in just a couple of months. Hasn’t she just grown! She’s having her own tea parties for heaven’s sake and in just a matter of months! Can you tell I can't get over that fact.

My heart can’t hit print and place her pictures on my wall. I can’t take it. In just a month, a week, a day even BB will come bouncing into my house and I’ll again be struck by how much she has grown in so short a time.

She’ll smile at me and I might even get an “I lube you” and then I’ll melt. If I look up at her picture and see her "baby days" shining down at me I’ll cry when I notice she’s a big girl now.

It wouldn’t be just any cry either it would be great big gloppy tears and I’m not even her mother. What must poor sister be feeling!

Unfortunately or fortunately, however you see it life though must go on, BB will need to get big and strong and go to school, make friends, learn to share, drive a car…okay let me stop before I really cry.

This isn’t an experience that is entirely new to me, I’ve had my heart melted before, so many times by other little girls and boys in my family as I’ve watched them grow. But still no matter how many times it happens isn’t it hard to watch them grow.

I should print the pictures though, just to remember those special moments. I’ll just make one of those wonderful tissue holders and keep some on hand for the happy crying moments that are around the corner…

I could sure use a whole box of tissues right now.


ThePhantomMoon said...

Oh Lord, I'm gonna cry right now ....

Frank said...

Let's go to oshen! Go to da beech!

Sara said...

You know Frank you are going to have to take BB to the oshen and da beech just to see how she'll react to da sand.